In 2010 Jeremiah Owyang, Partner, Altimeter Group, started Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD). As a Community Manager 3.0, this day is very much appreciated, but I’m certainly not the only one who felt this way.  Community Management is a growing profession and skill set. This growth is evident from LinkedIn, as they report a 46% year-on-year growth.  With that being said, it didn’t take long for #CMAD to go trending on Twitter, which makes Community Managers and marketers wonder – what does the data look like?

Jeremiah tweeted midday:

Jeremiah Owyang and Social@Ogilvy Tweet 1

Our Community Manager (me) responded:

Jeremiah Owyang and Social@Ogilvy Tweet 2

So, what does this mean for the Community Manager 3.0?

A few days earlier, Social@Ogilvy did a Tweet Chat with WOMMA about community management and influencers, and in just one hour, #WOMMAChat went trending in the United States. It accumulated more than 5.5 million impressions over 1,400 tweets.

WOMMAChat Trending on Twitter

For those looking to game the Twitter Trends algorithm, it seems a quick burst of organic tweets is the goal. For our #WOMMAChat, we went Trending in the United States at about 45 minutes into the chat with approximately 900 tweets containing the hash tag #WOMMAChat.

Here are three quick tips to add to Mashable’s 10 qualities of a Community Manager, before we dive into some more of the data behind #CMAD.

Tip #1: Although they say multitasking “is largely an illusion” and it can’t be done. The Community Manager 3.0 has to multitask; there is no choice. These managers have to create, observe, analyze, adapt, respond, and then create again. Some of these tasks happen simultaneously, while having to wear many hats.

Tip #2: Get to know analytics tools. This goes a bit beyond Google Analytics, which is great for monitoring websites. Tools like Radian6 or Sysomos provide a larger scope of the conversation on the Web.

Tip #3: It’s a Community Manager’s job to have a deep awareness of content strategy and the psychology of their audience.

Some data behind #CMAD

#CMAD on 1/28/13 received an estimated 72.9 million impressions from 15,450 Twitter mentions.

CMAD Infographic - Web

As we move further into Community Manager 3.0, we’ll see that the Community Manager is actually a business leader.  As John Bell, Global Managing Director, Social@Ogilvy, put it,

“We talk about the next generation of Community Managers (CM 3.0) having responsibility for Facebook ad spend. That is just one responsibility that is coming. But just that one elevates the role significantly, as the premium offerings in Facebook and Twitter are increasingly becoming a hybrid of art and science (see my thoughts on the CM pay scale). At the end of the day, these ad platforms are about delivering valuable content to more people. The CM 3.0, responsible for story content in social channels, will want to control that.”

This post first appeared on Social@Ogilvy’s blog