There will always be obstacles for businesses in the world of social media, but solutions continue to stream in from different platforms and software companies. Most recently? The irksome conundrum of having multiple Facebook pages for your organization that have been created by various social media correspondents over time. Thanks to a recent post by Emily Garman of The Social Animal, it is now easy to consolidate your business’s plethora of Facebook pages into one page.

The first step is to get Facebook to “authenticate” your pages. In layman’s terms this means that Facebook needs to make sure these pages actually belong to you and your business. This involves following a link and a copy/pasting of all the URL‘s of your pages. After one has entered the URL’s on the authentication form, it’s a two-day wait to get them checked out. An email should be sent to notify that the pages have been thoroughly looked over.

Then Follow this link and type in the URL of the main page to be displayed (this is the page that all the other URLs will be merged to). Now enter the URL’s of all pages that need to be merged. Keep in mind that Facebook will only let you enter five secondary URLs at a time, but a simple refresh of the form allows one to enter the remaining URL’s.

The great thing about this merge feature is that all the fans of your other pages will now become fans of your single, main page. The only downside is that any videos or pictures will not transfer over, so be sure to save those and post them to the new page. It should always be an organization’s goal to simplify their media strategy. Having multiple pages for an organization isn’t efficient, and in times like these we could all be a little more economical.

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