Every kid has the right for basic facilities. With this motto in mind NDTV and the entire Coca-Cola family of bottlers came together again to organize the 12 hour TELETHON on February 3rd, 2013, Sunday. According to Bestmediainfo, the TELETHON was telecast live across the NDTV network channels and saw an immense support from the Little Master of Indian Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar who is also the campaign ambassador along with Bollywood superstar Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

The social initiative campaign was initially launched on 24th January, 2011 with a motive to create awareness on water and sanitation, environment and healthy active living. The first initiative generated more than 7.2 crores in funds to support more than 140 schools. This edition of the campaign received an overwhelming response and generated 13.5 crores to support 272 schools with the Bollywood and TV fraternity, corporate houses, athletes, NGOs, politicians, etc. contributing wholeheartedly.

NDTV Coca Cola Support My School Campaign

Social media support for the campaign

The campaign got a massive support from social media too. Support My School and Sachin Tendulkar’s social media channels both made an extensive buzz about the initiative. Support My School which has more than 16K fan following on Facebook has been regularly updating about the initiative and it’s live telecast on NDTV channels. The page also shared exclusive images and updates from the preparation rounds that were going on for the 12 hour TELETHON.

The page also created a Facebook app that helped you to donate funds for the initiative. In addition to Facebook, Twitter was also used. The Twitter account that has more than 500 followers created #supportmyschool hashtag and was actively updating about the event.

Sachin’s Facebook page which has more than 9.2 million fans was also creating content related to the campaign and was updating fans. The page not only had useful information on the wall but was also live streaming the TELETHON for fans on Facebook and YouTube. The Twitter account of Sachin which also has a massive following like Facebook was updating about the campaign.

The 2013 edition not only saw a great response from the people joining hands but also a great round of support in terms of funds.