Today is the Best Day to Start Your Christmas Campaign

start christmas marketing today
Daria-Yakovleva / Pixabay

It’s early November, the most controversial time of the year.


Because for some, it’s the unofficial start of the Christmas season. For others, the holiday season doesn’t start until December 24th.

But here’s the deal:

If you’re coming to social media with a holiday marketing strategy this year, you should be getting at least a couple of angry “too soon” comments on your first post. In fact, there’s nothing better in holiday marketing.

If everyone can live with your decision to start a Christmas campaign on December 23rd, then you’re too late. The stuff you’re sharing is already lost in the noise at that point. It’s old news.


Because we live in an era that’s jam-packed with information and advertising messages. On social media, only the most compelling of those messages will ever be seen.

What tells social media platforms that your campaign is engaging?


What drives engagement?

A little bit of innocent controversy.

Think about it. We’ve known for awhile now that stirring the pot leads to lots of engagements. Has one of your friends ever posted about a political stance that you disagree with? If so, have you ever been tempted to respond?

Launching Christmas campaigns just a little bit too soon is the most innocent way you could ever drive this. It’s like taking a stance on something without getting political about it.

You’ll be surprised by how passionate people get over this, but you won’t regret the extra attention that’s driven towards your brand messaging.

Starting Your Campaign With Brand Awareness

christmas marketing campaign
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Think about it. The start of your Christmas campaign is your best shot to power through social media algorithms and onto people’s feeds. If you have one last shot this year and want to reach as many new customers as possible, what would you say to them? How would you invite them in?

Here’s one important tip:

Don’t ruin your opportunity by diving into salesmanship. On certain social networks, namely Facebook, this could ruin your opportunity to reach thousands of new customers. Even if you do get in front of them, they’re just going to pass by if they deem that you’re trying to sell something that they’ve never heard of.

Instead, try this:

Shoot a fun video or take some holiday-themed photos. Introduce people to or remind them of your brand voice. Shoot a mockumentary about setting up Christmas decorations or take a photo of your staff building gingerbread houses. Anything to get people in that holiday mindset.

Craft Clever Responses: Turning Engagements into Opportunities

christmas campaign
Pezibear / Pixabay

The best part about posting your Christmas campaign early is the conversation that it facilitates. Get ready to respond to comments about skipping Thanksgiving, ruining fall, and the like. To adequately respond, draft up some hilarious responses that even the most bitter guests can appreciate.

If your post is the first piece of Christmas-themed content someone sees in their feed, it’s very likely that they’ll be provoked to respond, especially if you’ve set it up right.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to excite, enrage, inspire, and provoke. Post your holiday greetings today!