Fortune 500 CEOs have nearly 3.7 million followers on social media according to a report by and Domo. That’s a lot of people looking for influence. But how often are these CEOs actually posting and interacting on social media? According to the same report, a whopping 2/3rds of CEOs are only engaging on one platform.

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It’s time to take advantage of the fact that people are flocking to founders’ social media accounts for company and brand information. With a presence on a few key social networks, customers can see the human aspect of the elusive figure behind the company. It is a great opportunity to display the behind-the-scenes thoughts and beliefs, plus a bit of transparency can go a long way.

What are the values of your company that shaped and molded the quality of work you’ve accomplished? Share those with your followers – they’re interested. It’s never been easier for business leaders to inspire others by sharing their advice.


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Having a consistent online presence will also motivate your customers to feel a stronger connection to your company, products and services, making them less likely to stray to your competition. They will feel more willing to leave feedback, and you can even encourage discussions to collect information and feedback on your company.

Need another reason to get social? When it comes to motivating your team and showing the company you are fully invested, there are significant advantages of maintaining an active online presence and being able to publicly share your thoughts and show you care. This may even lead to your employees gaining a greater sense of pride for the work they are doing, giving them an extra jolt of passion and drive, and keeping them motivated to do their very best.

Need a little inspiration to get started? Take a look at the Top 60 CEOs On Social Media, who have found success through posting insightful leadership advice, innovative perceptions, an excellent use of visual material, and very positive content. You too can become influential in sparking more passion and drive into motivated individuals both inside and outside your company through social media. Become an inspiring figure for those entrepreneurial dreamers, it’s never been easier.