What happens when two of the most popular things in India come together? No I’m not talking about Politics and Arnab, I am talking about Bollywood and Cricket. Celebrity Champions league (CCL) is a byproduct of Bollywood stars trying out their hands at playing Cricket. And they aren’t just playing cricket, they are playing it the IPL style. CCL is now in its third season already and with someone as big as Salman Khan being the Brand ambassador of the League, you can understand the hoopla it is going to create. The league consists of eight teams from different film industries competing against each other. You can refer to all the teams here. But is the league creating the same amount on enthusiasm on Social Media too? Well, with Salman Khan everything is possible.

CCL on social media

1. Facebook Presence: The CCL Facebook page boasts of more than 146,000 fans and with the mix of Bollywood and regional stars, has a more than healthy engagement rate of 33% quite expectantly. The eight teams however also have their own Facebook presence too. Below is the breakdown of all the teams by the number of Fans they possess on Facebook. Kerala Strikers outweigh everyone else in terms of its sheer fan following on Facebook, which might be owing to the popularity of its veteran actor Mohanlal.

Celebrity Cricket League Facebook

The updates on all the pages consist of mostly before match predictions and after match party pictures. I expected Mumbai Heroes page to be more active keeping in mind the Bollywood oriented line up of the team. The official page of Mumbai Heroes boasts of Salman Khan’s picture and has managed 14,000 fans till date. On the engagement front, every team is pulling an engagement rate of more than 15% which is good to see, barring Chennai Rhinos.

The league has also tried to go mobile with their official Android Application which will help the users keep a tab on the latest happenings and behind the scene pictures while being on the go. The app is good to go and covers every team’s lineup along with add-ons such as owner’s lounge and pictures/videos for the mobile consumer.

2. Twitter Presence: The Twitter handle for CCL boasts of more than 6,000 followers. The activity although is the same content which is posted on their Facebook pages with some retweets from the celebrities themselves.

Below is the break up of the number of followers for each of the teams in which Chennai Rhinos leads with more than 1,100 followers in their team.

Celebrity Cricket League Twitter

3. YouTube Presence: The CCL has a commendable presence on YouTube as well with more than 10,000 subscribers and 6 million views to their credit. The videos uploaded contain ‘behind the scene’ interviews and post match conferences which are generating quite an amount of buzz among the audience.

You can go through the schedule and explore the content on their official website here which is elaborated enough and well laid out. Overall, the strategy has been laid out well as far as Facebook and YouTube is concerned. But then one expects the league to grow bigger and better offline as well as on social media too, in the coming months as the season progresses. And when it has the mixture of celebrities with a pinch of Cricket, in India it is the perfect ingredient to be a success story.

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