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What The Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen faces expulsion from Meta platforms

Why Meta’s oversight board says he has used their platforms to incite violence

What Next He faces a six-month ban from sites such as Facebook and Instagram

Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen is facing accusations of inciting violence against his political opponents on Facebook.

The oversight board for Meta Platforms Inc, which oversees content moderation for Facebook and Instagram, has recommended a six-month suspension of Hun Sen’s accounts.

The board determined that Facebook content moderators had made an error by allowing a livestreamed speech by Hun Sen, where he threatened political opponents, to remain on his page.

The board stated that the “newsworthiness” of the speech was not a valid reason to keep it on the platform, as it amplified Hun Sen’s incitement to violence ahead of the country’s national election.

If the recommendation is accepted, it would result in one of the few world leaders being suspended from Facebook and Instagram for inciting violence.

The social media company has 60 days to decide whether to carry out the suspension.

Sen Turns To Telegram and TikTok

Facebook is highly popular in Southeast Asia and Cambodia, and Hun Sen has been using social media to spread his authoritarian political messaging. He has a large online following, although questions have been raised about the authenticity of his audience.

Hun Sen has announced his temporary departure from Facebook and his intention to use Telegram and TikTok instead.

Human rights organizations have praised the Meta board’s recommendation, stating that it sends a strong message to authoritarian leaders. They emphasize the need for accountability and the importance of global platforms adhering to international standards.

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