TechnoratiChange happens so fast in this new age of marketing that sometimes it goes unnoticed. With so many platforms, websites, tools and more at your fingertips, what can you and should you watch? Which ones are most important to you and your business? Where should you pay attention and what if they went away? Would that hurt your marketing efforts? Finally, what would it mean to you if it went away? What if you lost your rating or even worse… your Google analytics account? Google just changed again calling Google Maps, Places & Google+ for Business –

So while listening to an audio book today, one of the chapters talked about how Technorati ranks blogs and how important it is to your digital footprint. I decided to log into my account since I have two ranked blogs and I noticed that a bunch of my posts were being picked up by other blog aggregators. To my dismay, my log-in did not work and resetting my password did not work either. What happened? Technorati changed it’s focus and all the ranking of websites and accounts are simply gone.

Community conceptPart of what makes social networking work is knowing how much your posts influence others. Tools come and go, but some are more important to us. With free tools, you can’t call, complain or commiserate (well you can by blogging about it). You just go with the flow. You can’t blame a company wanting to changing their business model. They are in business just like you!

Technorati is focusing their business on media and publishers to maximize their digital currency of social influence (and to make money). In the only post I found in a Google search… Orun Bhuiyan said “On May 29th, 2014, Technorati removed millions of pages from the web, deleting their entire blog directory and all associated information.” Just like that, the most authoritative blog ranking website on the internet is gone. In a Technorati Blog Post, they introduce you to the new website, but leave you hanging as to why.

Change happens… sometimes in your favor, and sometimes not. Did you have your website listed on Technorati? Will you miss it, or does it not make a difference to you? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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