As we all know, the Social Media world has grown immensely over the past few years. With that said, the “sharing”, “tweeting”, ‘liking” and “plus 1” have become part of our everyday life. Being an online marketer I love doing research and keeping up-to-date with what is “happening”. I did some research recently on what social media networks are getting the most interaction in regards to the articles that I mainly contribute and read (Online Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing and Small Business News).

I compared data from 5 different and very popular sites for Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

After reviewing over 5,000 articles and a little more than 3.9 million user interactions, I am able to determine that Twitter owns the market when it comes to sharing business articles. 66% of all social media interactions in the online marketing/social media/email marketing industry came from “tweets”. LinkedIn referred to as “in share” came in second with 20%, followed by Facebook widely known as the “Like”, with 12% and Google +, with just 2% of total interactions.

Bullet View –

Total Interactions: 3.9 million
Twitter’s “tweets”: 2.6 million or 66%
LinkedIn “in share”: 804k or 20%
Facebook’s “Like”: 483k or 12%
Google Plus “+ 1”: 65k or 2%