Parents are recognizing as the place for kids to explore age appropriate and worthwhile activities for growing minds.

BunkiMunki™ is a safe and empowering, virtual world that encourages kids to be creative, expressive and social online. The site has been developed especially for kids and aims to help them “Unlock the Power of Happiness™” as they explore activities that emphasize positive thinking and values.

As kids today are living in a technological world, it’s more than likely that they are spending time online. That’s why kids need worthwhile sites that are safe and offer positive influences as they are growing up. BunkiMunki™ arrives just on time as many parents are finding it a struggle to continuously protect their children as they navigate online. understands young minds, positively influences them along the way, and helps them evolve into optimistic young adults.


To start, kids simply sign up under an alias name and can immediately begin personalizing their own alias in the likeness of BunkiMunki™, the brand character.

Kids can get involved in journal writing, chat, email, creating music mixes, earning badges, decorating their own home and playing games, all the while earning virtual “Bunki Bucks” to save or spend at The Emporium, a virtual store. Many of the activities are individual – such as journal writing, badge collection and music creation – with no interaction with other members online.

Collectible achievement badges can be earned by accomplishing tasks both online and in the real world. All the badges are designed to introduce kids to positive values, ideas and lifelong skills.


The social activities – such as b-mail and chat – have safety features that allow the kids to connect and communicate, but do not allow them to share personal information. There is a strict “no real/full names” policy and a language filter. The site is COPPA compliant (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) and is certified by Privo.


Kids can join the site for FREE, which gives access to many of the site activities. The website also offers a Premium Membership (reg. $44.95) allowing kids unlimited access to all activities including social media features such as B-Mail, Chat and more.

For a limited time this summer, kids can get a year Premium Membership for $1 using the promo code: 1YR1DLR.

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