I was looking around online for interesting social media articles when I found this infographic from Elliance.com. The infographic tells you how to build a company with social media, and how to marry old ideas with a new medium. I think the infographic is great, however remembering to include Inbound Marketing practices could expand on the graphic while helping you to really grow your business.

Senior Level – Blogs & Twitter
Using a blog or tweeting is a great way to share knowledge. A blog can make you an expert in your field while sharing useful information with others. Both Twitter and Blogs can drive traffic to your website.

Inbound Marketing Tips:

1. Blogging daily will increase your relevance with search engines, helping you to have a higher rank in the SERPs.
2. Your blog copy and blog title should both include keywords to help SEO. Make sure your keywords sound natural and not planned or awkward.
3. On Twitter you only have 140 characters, use this space to spread awareness, but also make sure to include links to your website, blog, and other industry pages.

Marketing – YouTube social media building
Using YouTube or a YouTube channel (or other sharing sites) is a great way to share your content with a large number of people who would usually never come to your website.

Inbound Marketing Tips:
1. Be aware of the titles you are using, include keywords that are relevant to you and your article.
2. Include links! Never put content out on the web that does not link back to your website, you are wasting your expert ideas. Also, having a keyword as the link text (instead of yourwebsite.com) will also help increase your SEO.

Public Relations – Comments
Social media has provided a great medium for businesses to monitor what the public is saying about them, and gives them a chance to respond.

Inbound Marketing Tips:
1. Social Media sites are a huge component of Inbound Marketing and the more activity that takes place the better. Keeping this in mind, when you are monitoring comments from the public, make sure you are responding and having conversations with them (and if possible including keywords and links in your responses).
2. Do not respond with a pre-planned message. Make your responses personal and specialized for each person. Responding every time with the same response will only hurt your image.

Sales/HR – Facebook & LinkedIn
If your employees are not on LinkedIn, they should be. LinkedIn is an easy way to make connections, form relationships, and promote yourself and your company to others.

Inbound Marketing Tips:
1. When you list where you work on your profile, give a description of what your company does, their specialties, their point of difference, and not only what you do.
2. Again…include links! Add a link from your LinkedIn profile to your company website. Many profiles only link to the LinkedIn “Company Page” which is no help to your company.
3. Facebook is more fitting for some companies than others. Check out what companies in your industry are doing through this free Facebook download.


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