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Social media influence is about nurturing, building and growing an online network or community. To internet marketers, social influence becomes an important aspect of any of their social marketing campaign. Social influencers play an important role in driving businesses towards marketing productivity using the social media channels. The optimum goal of social media influence is to communicate, influence others to take action, increase traffic to a business and eventually drive sales. As a social influence within a community of people sharing the same interests, marketers can amplify their message and effectiveness of communication about their brand.

Why social influence matters to businesses

Influencers in the social media networks are those who are known personalities within their fields of expertise. They are social influencers because their opinions are highly regarded with respect and the information they share to their social community has a great impact as a call of action to others. Their wisdom so to speak is highly respected with trust and confidence from their followers. By becoming a social influence, you can drive businesses towards profitability by encouraging and influencing your follower’s buying behaviour and preferences. Business brands can become closer to their target consumers through social influence and there are many ways that you can become a social influence among your social connections to drive business productivity, popularity, traffic and sales.

How to integrate influencer group engagement

Integrating group engagement to your social media marketing can make your brand popular online. The social media community is all about person to person interaction and your goal is to engage people to become interested about your brand and eventually make them convert as buying customers. Social engagement can boost a brand’s popularity by 300% and social influence can take the most part of producing this effect. The more people you can get involved to your marketing campaigns, the wider will be your audience reach. You can do the following strategies in order to improve your social influence for better group engagement of your followers to your business:

  • Make yourself relevant to your social network. This means that you should be able to provide helpful information to your followers and able to offer solutions to the common issues they need an answer to. You can grow the social engagement of the group once you are responsive to comments and able to offer an expert opinion about subject matters that the group finds relevant to their interests. Conversational interaction with the group offers the opportunity for you to show that you are an expert within your niche and it fosters building a more engaged social group in your online community.
  • Understand what your group wants and satisfy their needs. Making yourself a social influence means that you are capable of satisfying the needs of your followers and able to provide results. If you maintain a blog that is connected to your social media network, you can publish updated and useful information regarding the latest research that is relevant to your business market and ask for the opinion of the group about the subject matter. Not only will you be able to spark the interest of your social followers to participate in a discussion, you can also use their shared opinions and comments as information in understanding their preferences that can help making your business important to them.

Connect your network to other social influencers

Social influence
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In order to grow your reputation as a social influence to your community, it helps to build social relationships with other social influencers as well. Find the industry leaders that belong to your business niche as they can help amplify the credibility and reputation of your business. When your followers find that your network is connected to an industry leader who is likewise a social influencer, the more you are able to get their interest in becoming a part of your social community. Here are some ways to find other social influencers to connect your network with:

  • Use online tools to help you find social influencers within your specific industry faster. Each social media platforms have social recommendation tools to help you specifically find the influencers within a particular network.
  • Search groups that belong to your industry category and find a member with the most numbers of followers on their profile. Start following them and engage yourself to their online conversation and make yourself active on their discussions to get them to notice and follow you as well.
  • Publish high quality content that can stir the interest of other industry leaders to take notice of you. Producing unique content will give other social influencers the impression that they should get you into their social circles as well.

Use social analytics for better social media influence strategies

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Social analytics can help provide measurable and scalable metrics to help you understand whether you are pursuing a productive social media influencer strategy or not. Analytics tools can also provide some feedback about the areas where you can improve to make you business relevant to your target followers. With the available data for analytic measurement, you will know how to improve your ability to become a popular social influence within your target community based on their behaviour, needs and preferences.

  • Social analytics tools are available to help you find other social influencers and industry leaders within a particular social media site. By finding them and getting other influencers into your social community, you can build your reputation as a social influencer too.
  • Take advantage of the influence scoring websites like Klout and PeerIndex to measure a social media user’s influence. This will help you find social media influencers within a particular field and you can start following them and observe how they try to influence others.
  • Use analytics data and metrics to understand your audience behaviour and preferences. This will help you find their interests and grow your expertise within that field in order to begin influencing and engaging them to your business.
  • Analytics data will provide more targeted information that you need in order to learn which areas of expertise to pursue in making your business more relevant to your social media network and followers and make you a strong social media influence.

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