Tumblr needs to be considered for every brand’s picture-perfect content marketing strategy in 2014. With native buying behavior focusing on the visual experience, brands need to be presenting their story at the multitude of customer touchpoints. This content consumption behavior demands that brands evolve into a curator and syndicator of their content assets on visual and graphical platforms like Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest.

Brands need to fish where the fish are, and they are on all three platforms. Tumblr, with its Instagram-meets-blogging positioning, is a channel that is under-represented by many brands. Somewhere between 30 and 300 million Millennial consumers (yes, it’s a big spread) and others value this vast visual destination to consume and curate content. It’s a great place to get to know brand better. Tumblr is certainly not the last-touch in the B2B or B2C sales funnel. However, it is a great destination along the buyer journey.

Why Tumblr Is Important For A Company’s Content Marketing Strategy

Tumblr is a solid content marketing addition to a company’s toolkit because facilitates over 80 million daily posts and over 13 billion monthly page views! And, Piquora reports that each user averages over 18 minutes per visit on Tumblr, a very sticky content marketing result. The native use of Tumblr users includes reblogging, sharing a blog post with followers and other blogs, which has a very positive impact on SEO. With best-practice Tumblr posts including a link to a brand’s key web site, this sharing will have a very positive impact for a company.

Before a company can start to activate a content marketing strategy on Tumblr, an optimized Tumblr account needs to be created. Here’s a simple blueprint to get started!

How To Create The Perfect Tumblr Profile To Enable Your Content Marketing Strategy

  • Catch Readers’ Attention With Your Title.. Your keyword-driven blog title can use up to 50 characters. However, depending on theme, 50 characters may not fit comfortably. Also, companies do not have to use the yourname.tumblr.com format instead replacing it with a custom URL.
  • Make A Great Impression With Your Picture. Your graphics, whether a headshot or your company logo, need to be at least 128px by 128px and square to make the biggest impact with readers.
  • Use Your Description To Explain Your Tumblr Blog. Another keyword-driven area of Tumblr, the description area allows up to 350 characters to describe a blog. You will want to add Google+ HTML code to establish your Google authorship.
  • Create Pages To Further Explain Your Value Proposition. Use Tumblr pages to list bio, services, contact information and social channels for readers to connect with a company on their preferred channel. Companies should keep your pages limited to 4 or 5, so not to overwhelm you readers with choices.
  • Encourage Readers To Submit Their Own Content. Encourage reader-curated or -delivered content by asking for user generated or contributed content.
  • Encourage Readers To Ask You Questions. Encourage reader questions to begin a conversation with potential and current customers.
  • Use Tags To Make It Easy For Readers To Find Your Content. Tags help to categorize posts and help readers search for content. Turn the tag feature on to enable this reader searching.
  • Establish A Way For Your Readers To Comment. Tumblr offers no blog commenting. The best choice is to add the Disqus application, which is built into the Tumblr set-up to enable reader comments.
  • Google Analytics (GA). Use the Google Analytics code to enable Tumblr metrics.
  • Mobile Layout. With 37 million monthly views from a mobile device, it makes sense to activate Tumblr’s mobile layout.
  • Connect To Twitter & Facebook. Enable or disable automatic sharing of Tumblr posts depending on if your Tumblr content supports your Twitter & Facebook content strategy.
  • Accent Color. Choose the color that bests complements the brand.
  • Font. Choose the font that bests complements the brand.

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Once you put your mind to it, creating your perfect Tumblr profile will take less than 30 minutes! You will find that once created and populated with create content you will be having more conversations with your customer and driving more traffic to your other social and web properties … which will help you generate more sales!