What if we could bottle up the intangibly optimistic feeling that life is good? Instead of doubt or hesitation, self-assurance and unfiltered opportunities would be coursing through your veins. Ah, that’s right – liquid courage.

A recent study, as reported in Fast Company, discovered that this mental relaxation of inhibiting, self-critical parts of the brain leads to an increase in the flow of performance. In other words, beer can help “creative insights arrive in your brain in nonlinear ways.” Yes, you read that correctly: drink beer and you might have better ideas.

And who would know better about the creative effects of beer than the brands themselves? After researching the plethora of unique campaigns on social media, we can’t help but wonder if they’re “drinking the juice.” After all, successfully marketing a product requires a comprehensive understanding of it – as well as a unique concept that will stand out among the digital masses.

Of course, even if beer brands aren’t taking advantage of the boozy benefits, they are certainly cultivating creativity somehow. Budweiser, Dos Equis and Pabst Blue Ribbon are three beer brands that have intriguing social media campaigns. We examine how they increase visibility and garner engagement with the diverse concepts below:

Budweiser. This beer brand is one of the top rated in the digital sphere, and they are constantly striving for social innovation. In fact, just excelling on Facebook wasn’t enough – their “buddy cup” brings a whole new meaning to the idea of networking on social media. By way of a computer chip with a bump sensor on the bottom, the cup allows two people at a bar to become Facebook friends when they click glasses. This genius social concept just screams happy hour brainstorming.


Dos Equis. Utilizing consumer attraction to influencers, Dos Equis created a campaign around The Most Interesting Man in the World. This character is the ultimate man – drinking the ultimate beer. They’ve integrated this concept into advertising, their website and all social profiles. An example from their Facebook is shown below, and you can take a look at their recent campaign app urging consumers to create their own legend (in the footsteps of the Most Interesting Man) here.

dos equis

Pabst Blue Ribbon. Otherwise referred to as “PBR,” this beer brand is genius in its social simplicity. They know their consumer and creatively engage them. They often post content focused on random items that were made out of or inspired by PBR cans – such as a helmet or doghouse. Their boozy humor is best explained by the disclaimer on their Facebook page: “This page is far more entertaining after a pounder. Or two.”


As it turns out, it might be possible to bottle – or can – creativity. Budweiser, Dos Equis and Pabst Blue Ribbon all demonstrate interesting ways to change up social content. Why not mix happy hour and Facebook friend requests? Or make your ideal beer consumer come to life?

Let us know which other beer brands inspire your creativity in the comments below.

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