Social Media is a great boon for business. You can use it to interact, engage and amuse your customer base like never before. Most Big businesses fail to interact properly in that regard, so here are a few that know how to network properly. If you give them a little follow on Twitter, they may teach you a thing or two:

McDonald’s – Customer Interaction

McDonald’s are consistently tweeting everything from deals and competitions, sometimes they’re just helping customers with complaints. Every now and then you get gems like this that generate the memorable moments – turning a faceless business into what seems like a friend to have fun with. They’re also great with their complaint responses, and do their best resolve things for their customers. This is good, as it allows other customers see the lengths they’ll go to, publicly, slightly raising brand loyalty.


Charmin – Customer Engagement

Their business is crap – literally, they’d be nothing without it – but their tweets are far from it. Quite a lot of them pretty much mean nothing, but engaging customers in the way they do is how they earned over 67k followers! That’s right, this world has a toilet paper brands that’s funnier and popular than you. Follow them to find out how they do it; you’ll be shocked at how many toilet related puns they’ve pulled off over the years


Paddy Power – Customer Amusement

Paddy Power know exactly who their customers are; they know the kind of humour those people like, how to keep it topical and on point. They have some right crackers, even if you aren’t a sport fan or gambler it is definitely worth a follow; especially when trying to learn what not to do, as Paddy Power have managed to get themselves in trouble more than a few times for the risky or controversial tweets they’ve posted.


Hopefully these examples get your business’s Twitter account of to the right start, and not making headlines for the wrong reasons, like Paddy Power did.

Images courtesy of Twitter