Branding is the Key in 2014I believe social media, content marketing and mobile marketing are all great programs to go after and work towards. As I went through planning and dissecting data, one underlying theme kept coming back to me. I need to work on our brand message and make sure others can see our brand’s message.

Check out last week’s post on Social Media meets SEO. The heart of making this work is getting a proper brand focus. Develop your message and dialogue. It is one thing to have a good, solid broadcasted message. It is another thing to be able to have a conversation with your clients. Both are extremely important.

Broadcasted Message – A blog site is a great way to tell others about your company and add value to your clients. Sharing information on various topics really shows that you are in touch with what is happening with your clients. You are not so caught up in your own company and you are looking for ways to connect by presenting information to your clients. Having a blog site and getting the word out on social media sites is really important. People will read your content if it is worth reading and may even follow up with you to learn more. In addition, if your content marketing is done correctly, it should be reflected in your brand being found more through online searches.

Dialogue – Engagement is the key. Engagement one to one is most critical. If your broadcasted message is strong, people will follow up and start a dialogue. Having a strong client service team is critical. People still like to connect with people and most sales still happen in person over the phone and through email. Give people the opportunitiy to connect with your brand. Make it easy for people to get a hold of you. Word-of-mouth marketing should not be ignored in this age of social media. Many companies swear by social media as a way to run their business. I would disagree. Social media is one part, but there are certainly other ways to create a dialogue that are more efficient and effective.

If you need some specific steps to look at regarding your brand, check out this article, “10 Brand Marketing Trends that Should Dominate 2013” by Susan Gunelius Some great information here to help you focus on your company brand.

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