Nat Geo

There are countless publishers out there with a fantastic social media performance, including BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post. However, you might be surprised to learn that National Geographic magazine, which dates back to 1888, generates the highest level of engagement on social media.

How has National Geographic exceeded so many expectations on social media and generated such outstanding engagement levels? Read on to discover more…

The Creation of Outstanding Content

National Geographic has always produced compelling, powerful and truly fantastic content. It has a century’s worth of archives featuring exquisite photography, but also has a strong team of photographers who are travelling the earth taking shots and uploading them to social media. Coupled with that are the thought-provoking stories that complement each and every image published, keeping readers captivated and desperate to learn more.

The team at National Geographic spend countless time and energy refining their skills and creating superior content. Without the experience and talent of a robust team, the publication cannot expect to maintain its popularity. National Geographic knows that since there is so much competition out there, it is absolutely critical to work tirelessly and create the most outstanding content imaginable.

Inspire and Empower

The National Geographic Instagram page is one of the most popular accounts on Instagram with more than 60 million followers. The account is not run by a single individual but by 110 National Geographic photographers and freelancers, who each have the password and leave around an hour between each post.

Every time they post something, they reference who took the photos and who wrote the content. This strategy has proven hugely successful in creating a feeling of community for the publication’s followers, thus driving engagement levels even further and maximising National Geographic’s Instagram reach.


Understanding the Intricacies of Each Platform

Each social media platform out there is extremely different in terms of what it offers to audiences and how audiences engage with it. However many businesses assume that they can post the same content on each platform without tailoring that content in some way.

National Geographic knows and understands that every platform it posts on has a different purpose and value to users. While Instagram is used primarily to look at amazing photography, Facebook is used to discover information through short bursts of text or links to interesting articles. Meanwhile, Twitter is used to spark a conversation and ignite curiosity in its followers.

Closing Thoughts

Despite being more than a century old, National Geographic continues to inspire and delight with its modern approach to social media marketing. The publication can certainly be used as a reference point and a source of inspiration for other businesses who are seeking to improve their social media marketing strategy and boost engagement levels.

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