Blogging has come a long way in just a few short years. The modern blog has evolved from an online diary where people would keep a running account of their personal lives. Today, they have become increasingly mainstream and the advantages that a business can derive from a blog are endless. Here are the top 5 ways your business can benefit from your blogging effort.


The first advantage of blogging is that it provides an effective communicative means for your business. For instance it can be used to effectively educate your consumers on how to use a specific product. Furthermore it allows you to inform people of what’s going on with your business making them feel as if they are a part of it. This will help build trust and loyalty with your customers.

Reputation Building

In addition to loyalty with your customers, blogging will also allow you to build your reputation on the internet. By posting quality content on a regular basis you can quickly establish yourself as an expert in your industry. This too will increase your number of loyal followers.


Business blogging is a great way to get higher placement on Google and other search engines. In addition, it allows for a stream of constant content which will lead your site to get indexed more effectively. Blogging will also allow you to get ranked for some long-tail keywords.

Social Media Initiatives

Having a blog can allow you to leverage the power of social media sites. This can bring not only a surge in traffic to your blog but also some really powerful links to your site. If used properly blogging can help improve different aspects of your business process and help you reach new heights in your business.

Conflict Management

Businesses can also use blogging quite effectively when it comes to conflict resolution. If there is a problem with one of your products and people start to complain on your social media sites or on an internet forum it could cause a laundry list of new problems. Having a blog will allow you to address these issues quickly and make sure that there is some form of damage limitation.

Blogs are wonderful tools for businesses because they are so versatile. If your business has yet to begin blogging I suggest you jump on the bandwagon. Before you do so be sure you have an employee dedicated to maintaining your blog. The only thing worse than not having a blog is abandoning it shortly after you’ve created it!

Author: George Irish, Strategis.