With all of the Blogger ranting occurring on my Twitter timeline right now, I thought I’d take a look at what my blog-owning acquaintances have been experiencing.

According to TIME, users of the blogging website were warned Monday that there would be an hour-long outage for maintenance on Wednesday.  However, this update seems to have encountered complications as one by one, bloggers report that they have been locked out of their blogs.  TIME notes that Netcraft has reported that the Blogger site went down Thursday and has remained down ever since.  The complications stretched on for hours overnight.

Currently, the site is in read-only mode–meaning that visitors can browse and read posts, but blog owners cannot add or edit content.  Additionally, content that has been added since approximately 7:37 AM PDT on Wednesday has been removed.  According to The Huffington Post, Blogger Status announced that the read-only mode and post removal was only temporary until the service could be restored.

At the moment, there is no timeline of when these problems will be resolved and when service will continue normally.