8468788107 6a1b3ae1ea o 300x107 The Best Practices for Social Media Profile and Cover Photo GraphicsIf you have your dimensions for social media graphics. Lets talk about how to utilize them to your full benefit. Choosing the correct Facebook cover photo is very important. It’s the thing first thing people will see when they visit your page. Draw people to your page with a unique cover photo that represents your brand and also connects with your target audience. Here are some cover photo dos and don’ts :

  • use a unique image to represent your page
  • experiment with different images to see which gets the best response
  • change up your cover image to highlight special events, seasonal trends, or campaigns
  • don’t include content that could be misleading, infringe on anyone else’s copyright or violate Facebook’s Pages Terms

8583949219 d565d18edf o 300x199 The Best Practices for Social Media Profile and Cover Photo GraphicsLike Facebook, Twitter is also used to communicate with a large target audience and give users the opportunity to tell people who they are, what their brand is, and what that brand represents in a visual display. TJ Crawford offers some advice to business twitter users. A business should choose a header image that clearly communicates with their customers and doesn’t present any confusion about their business or their services offered.

LinkedIn is where professionals can interact with other professionals. Just like all social media channels, you want to create a presence. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is not as photo oriented. That being said you want to create a compelling profile image. Updating profiles images is a great way to show others that your constantly current. Be sure to show personality within your entire LinkedIn profile.

5936990473 6ef21da0f0 o 300x298 The Best Practices for Social Media Profile and Cover Photo Graphics Google Plus has gone through some updates since summer. Some of these updates can help build your brand more efficiently. Choosing a high quality image for your profile image, and cover photo to attract customers is where you should start when creating a profile. To further your visual appeal Google Plus has some other photo features that are slightly different than Facebook and Twitter. Google Plus has a new photo enhancement feature automatically enhances a person’s face or color corrects an image. This kind of service allows you to always have the best quality images and value for your audience.

YouTube is another social media channel used to connect with people. The settings allow you to customize your cover image to represent your brand. This is what users will see before they watch a video. The cover image should appeal to your customers so they want to explore your other visual content.

Building an online presence is important. Having social media available makes building relationships and branding possible. Visual content is the voice of your brand and how it will connect with your audience. Creating a unique cover photo and profile image to represent your page will make your business stand out efficiently, and bring value to your customers.

Is Your Business Using Social Media Cover Photos To Its Full Advantage? How Has It Made An Impact With On Your Brand?

In the comments below tell us if your business follows some of these social media profile do’s and don’ts. Are you taking advantage of optimizing your social media profile and cover photo images?

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