Wouldn’t it be great if everyone read your blogs, Facebook posts, and tweets? Or better yet—liked them and shared them, too?

There’s a way to make your readers more likely to click. All you have to do is know how long to write your blogs and social media posts.

This article contains a handy character count guide to help make your blogs, tweets, and posts irresistible to readers. What’s more, this guide also supports its claims with good, hard data. So believe us when we say you should pay close attention to not only what you’re writing but how much.

Here’s the short version of the character count guide, broken down into bite-size bits. We at SEO Inc. also drew up a quick image for easy reference, located at the bottom of this page. Check it out!

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram all have ideal character and word counts. You should try to meet these whenever writing new posts.

Best Blog Post Length

  • Best blog headline length: 8-12 words, 70 characters max.
  • Ideal blog post length: 1600 words
  • Best title tag length: 70 characters max.
  • Best meta description length: 155 characters max.

Best Facebook Length

  • Maximum length for Facebook status: 63,206 characters
  • Best length for Facebook status updates: 40 characters
  • Best Facebook video length: 30-45 seconds

Best Twitter Length

  • Best tweet length: 100 characters w/out link; 120 with a link
  • Best hashtag length: 11 characters max., no more than 1-2 hashtags
  • Best video duration in a tweet: no more than 30 seconds
  • Twitter character count: 140 characters max.
  • Length of comment with a retweet or link: 116 characters max.
  • Twitter image character count (Image/GIF/video): 115 characters max.
  • Tweet length with link with Image/GIF/video: 93 characters max.

Best LinkedIn Length

  • Professional Headline: 120 characters max.
  • Summary length: 2000 characters max.
  • Position title: 100 characters max.
  • Status update: 600 characters

Best Instagram Length

  • Profile bio: 150 characters max.
  • Image caption: 2200 characters max, first 3 lines of text are cut off in users’ feeds

Fix Your Blog Post Character Count and Social Media Now

Tons of views and shares for your blogs, tweets, and Facebook posts are now within your reach. All you have to do is put in the work.

Take the time to tweak your headlines and posts to fit these character count lengths. Or double-check yourself with a character counter tool. Because if you exceed these numbers, you risk Google and other search engines cutting off your text.

Make sure your important messages will get seen.

If you want to learn more about why these character count lengths are what they are, check out the in-depth part of the article. But if you want to get writing better blogs and posts, just follow the numbers in this handy graphic:

Of course, these numbers may change at any time, and for any reason. Like anything in SEO, you have to be flexible. So keep your eye on our blog, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated of any big changes.

Happy writing!