The echo of the baby boom that is now ruling social media will soon rule the world, and they’ve started by looking for jobs. In this type of recession it is especially difficult to find employment on any level, let alone on a level where employers search names on Facebook before they run a background check. Here’s a few tips on how to keep or become professional on the way out into the working world.

1. KissMeebabe123

The email address you created in 10th grade to use on instant messenger? Yeah, that’s not going cut it anymore. Change it up, and leave out your favorite band’s name, sports team, and how hot you think your lips are. Try maybe just your first and last name in combination with numbers that relate to your birthday. Trust me, you’ll look a lot more “burgeoning career man/woman” and less “seventh grader with a computer”.

2. Say Cheese…?

Do this one now so you don’t forget. Go through all of your Facebook pictures, single out the ones that show you in any compromising position (doing something illegal, drinking excessively) and delete them. If you really feel the need to keep them on the internet – for everyone to see – then at least make them private so only your friends can see; of course this means you should not friend your next boss. Better yet, make your entire profile private so no one can see but people you know!

3. Clean Up Your Tweets

Tweeting about your crazy drunken weekend? Cursing off a stranger? Cursing off (eek!) your boss or co-workers? Don’t. Just don’t. And delete the ones that have.

4. Like, OMG You Have 1000 Friends?!

If you do become friends with a future or current employer be sure to trim down your Facebook profile, and yes, even your friends. Go ahead and slim down your personal info to just the necessary bits and start the de-friending. We all know you don’t have 1000 friends, so why not cut the hundred few that you probably don’t know? This may seem a little unnecessary, but showing your excessive use of Facebook as entertainment just spells ‘unprofessional’.

While using these tips it will be impossible to look like a newbie ever again!