The Zoozoos have to be doubtlessly the most adorable characters ever created for a commercial. Conceived during the second season of the Indian Premiere League to promote the value-added services of Vodafone, the Zoozoos have stolen numerous hearts along the way. This is the sixth season of the IPL and the Zoozoos are hard at work selling Vodafone’s latest value-added services. But, these little creatures are now beckoning you to be a Vodafone SuperFan. Which means you get to watch the match from the hospitality stand and an autographed match ball from the winning captain this T20 tournament!

The above TVC featuring the Zoozoos depicts what it really means to be a Vodafone SuperFan, while promoting the internet services by the mobile service provider. To be a Vodafone SuperFan, one needs to upload a picture of their cricket lucky charm on a specially designed microsite. The picture can be WhatsApp-ed to the given Vodafone number or it can be uploaded after registering with your name, email and mobile number. The Gallery section displays the lucky charms that have been uploaded while the Winners section displays all the past winners.


The Vodafone Zoozoos Facebook page, that recently celebrated the milestone of 10 million fans, is now standing strong at 11 million fans. The Facebook community is being invited to be the Vodafone SuperFan with a bevy of updates on the wall. Sharing the commercial and pictures of the winning SuperFans along with the captain are some of the ways in which the page is attracting fans to participate.

The Vodafone SuperFan is a cool concept to bring into a cricket-crazy nation, however, one has to share their mobile number for the same. And, we are not sure which database they go into. Nevertheless, the campaign involving a microsite and WhatsApp is a cool one.