I’ve been thinking a lot about explaining the basic workflow of a proper social media monitoring program for medium to large businesses, and I figured the best way to convey the concept is putting together some pictures.

Although it is a basic social media monitoring workflow, it also can be used to quickly get people all on the same page. Your business will need a couple of elements in place before embarking on your monitoring journeys:

1. Monitoring software

I suggest Radian6, it has the best workflow management hands down, and it integrates nicely with Salesforce, which is a huge plus.

2. Policies and protocols

If you don’t know the who, what, where, why, when, and how, everyone will be confused, and a social media blunder will be bound to happen. Let’s a take a call center for example: would you not train your phone reps on how to respond? Make sense?

3. A plan for ongoing training (just like a call center)

Like above, you need to allocate budget for ongoing training, for new hires and current employees alike.

Without further adieu, here is the basic social media monitoring workflow:

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