It never hurts to go back to basics and  regroup.  When it comes to social media, things are changing so quickly it is tough to keep up. Here are 8 tips to help you look at your social media plan in a basic way that will help you excel.

1. Take a look at your current marketing plan and review the ways you are reaching your target market.  Ask yourself, what’s getting you results and what’s not?

2. Think about your ideal customer, what social media platforms are they using?  Look at the demographics of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any others and see if they match those you are trying to reach.  Ask your current customers what social media platforms they frequent.

3. Take a look at your competitors, how are they using social media?

4. Think about your brand and the messaging you want to use to communicate, which social media will help you do that best?  How does that integrate with any traditional marketing you may be doing, your newsletter or your blog?

5. Make an editorial calendar for your content. Good content is the key. It is what engages your audience and gets them to interact with you. Push out good content on a regular basis to develop your status as an expert and increase your following and then you can pepper in your events, programs or sales specials.

6. Determine who is going to be responsible for your strategy and for executing your strategy.  It needs to be done professionally and consistently.  This may be a good one to outsource to and expert.

7. Review and evaluate the results of what you have executed. Make changes to your strategy based on this information.

8. Measure your results, did you generate any leads with your social media plan?