In celebration of its completion of 15 years in the Indian market, AXN India has launched a Facebook campaign for its fans – AXN Thrillionaire. But does it have the thrilling experience to keep its fans excited?

Not a Billionaire yet. Neither a Millionaire. So I thought I’d rather go ahead and become a “Thrillionaire”! And reviewing the campaign when I was pretty sleepy, I hoped it would be darn good and axe-off my sleep.

I woke up the next day on my computer table.

AXN India is celebrating the completion of 15 years in the Indian market and with respect to this, it has launched a Facebook Campaign – AXN Thrillionaire. In accordance with their programs that are aired on TV, this campaign actually does make pretty good sense. Thrill, adventure, adrenaline…. Everything that AXN has meant to represent over the years. AXN Thrillionaire is an on-air and online campaign where the five best videos that are shortlisted will be aired.

Reading an intro about this campaign at, I was really looking forward to something explosive. Something happening. It would be an integrated campaign was the first thought in my mind. So, with a lot of hype built up about the campaign, I landed on AXN India’s Thrillionaire App Page. And the design was Fantastic!

What is the Thrillionaire campaign?

First it asked me to like the page and then proceeded with my phone number. Though I usually “always” exit campaigns that ask for my phone number, here I was very much interested to go forward. Then came my “License to Thrill” Section where I was asked to select 3 events that appeared thrilling for me and also fill in sections such as – Least thrilling thing I do & Most thrilling thing I do. After all the form filling was over (and my sleep had returned too), came the next section where I was asked to select my thrill quote.

Finally after I did that too, came the following page:

AXN Thrillionaire Facebook

I was shown my “License to Thrill” and two other sections – “The Thrillionaires” and “Thrill Calendar”.

“The Thrillionaires” page showed up a list of 5 Thrill Seekers from India and their abstract details. On each of those pages was given an option for us to share our thrilling story. The form again asked for my name, e-mail, phone and the Thrilling Story, along with a link to an article or video which would be connected to the same.

Was it thrilling?

Now that I had come to the end of the road, I was pretty disappointed. Yes, the design of the whole app is awesome, but just the design. From a larger perspective, it’s just another campaign that asks for video submissions. I don’t tend to undermine the campaign, but it sure didn’t live upto my expectations. One, what is the whole app about, it’s not clearly mentioned. It just keeps repeating the word “thrill” over and over again.

Secondly, the option to submit our entry is not very easy to find. Only if I go to the Thrillionaire’s Section and scroll down, am I able to see that option. That is exactly why I didn’t even see that for a good initial 20 minutes of me seeing the app. I was roaming about confused trying to make head or tail why the app was made in the first place. After I found this, it made more sense.

The way they have presented the whole thing is to be appreciated. But digging in deeper, I wouldn’t say I was very much impressed by it. Yes, I agree I didn’t have any thrilling video of mine to submit to it (other than the one when I tried a wheelie with an activa :| ), but that’s not all of it. I expected much more from it. At least enough to wake me out of my sleep.

Eventually I happened to… Zzzzz!