What does India’s third largest private sector bank do when it has to launch and publicize its new YOUth Debit Card? It begins with a well defined social media campaign targeting the youth. Named as the YOUth Card, the debit card is targeted to the youth in the age group 18-25. As awesomely as the bank has come up with a microsite for the same, within its main site, its focus for the campaign is on Facebook.

A Facebook application called ‘YOUth Card‘ has been created on the Axis Bank Facebook Page. Now, a debit card for the youth is not a novel concept. But you add Internet Banking, Tele-Banking, SMS Banking, transfer of funds via its mobile app, plus a hoard of other things; and you have the attention of the youth. Especially when they have the freedom to design their own Debit Card. And that’s what this campaign is all about – Design your own Debit Card and stand a chance to win iPads or Samsung Galaxy phones.

Design your debit card

Axis Bank youth debit card

To access the app, the Facebook Page has to be liked first. The opening page, as shown above, summarizes everything on what the contest is all about – Design your own Debit Card using images from either their default gallery, your desktop, or your Facebook Album. As simple as that. Also, a good looking and easy to use UI adds to the charm of the app. With options like being able to change the hue/saturation of the image to its brightness/contrast, a good enough level of customization has been brought to the app without making the process too cluttered. A factor which is essential when your target audience is the “patience-less” youth!

Axis Bank youth debit card

The contest is on from 14 March 2013 to 28 March 2013, with an iPad 4 and Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos awaiting the winners of entries that would harness the maximum votes. With an invite option to call in your friends, that shouldn’t seem too hard. In fact, it is a well thought out option since the garnering of votes would also help in spreading the word about this campaign!

How good is ‘Design your debit card’?

Banks, just like mobile phone service operators, are prone to frequent bombarding by its customers and they have to turn head over heels to make sure they remain in the customer’s good books. Axis Bank has earlier shown social media savviness with its interesting Facebook apps for new product launches. Last year it created an app that would scan your picture and recommend a card to you, to introduce MYcards which are customised credit cards. With ‘Design your debit card’ target group being the youth, Axis Bank has done a good job with making sharp all aspects of the campaign.

With an easy to use interface to a well designed campaign to grabbing the social aspect of sharing, they have rung all the bells. And also to mention they are running a well targeted ad campaign for this – which was the reason I stumbled onto this in the first place.

Ever since repositioning last year, Axis has been constantly evolving on social media. Beginning with hard selling on most of its social platforms and no means for customer support, the bank has transformed for the better now. There is a dedicated customer support forum on Facebook and dedicated Twitter pages for each of the broad areas it serves – Official, Customer Service and Card Offers.

Design your debit card is also being promoted on its Twitter page, bringing in increased visibility to the campaign.

So, will this YOUth campaign bring in the youth or will it be a bounced cheque for Axis? Do let us know your thoughts on this campaign.