90% of content on Twitter is generated by 2% of users.

Every second 2 people join LinkedIn.

3/4th of the Facebook users are closing their accounts tomorrow! [source]

Okay, I am kidding about the Facebook one :) But this true that Google+ is growing rapidly with some 1Billion+ users from recent social media stats. There is lot and lots of sharing that happens every moment across various channels, and here is an effort to differentiate these social media sharers and giving them an identity.

social media sharers

The Sharers

  1. Hipster – These users like using other social networks mainly the popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest etc. to share content. They regularly keep liking, RTing, re-pinning, subscribing or sharing post from the brands they follow online.
  2. Careerist – Active users of one social network only mainly LinkedIn. The best type of content which resonates with them is the one relating to their industry.
  3. Altruist – Active users but really only watching via social channels and sharing almost no information through social networks. The only way they share content is through emails.
  4. Selectives – They consume a lot of content which comes across them. But only share that content which they feel will add value to others.
  5. Boomerangs– They are people who are constantly sharing content to get a reaction from their followers. They think they are influential and thus they keep sharing content.
  6. Connectors– These sharers are users of social media primarily to enhance offline relationships. You will not see them aggressively sharing on social media as compared to the Boomerangs.

Some interesting stats from the infographic

  • 3/4th of the Facebook users take their privacy settings seriously.
  • 90% of content on Twitter is generated by 2% of users; I’m going to take my chance on those 2% being Boomerangs!
  • 50% of users on Pinterest have children; they are mostly your digital moms.
  • Every second 2 people join LinkedIn.
  • US Adults aged 18-34 browse YouTube, than any network cable.
  • 150+ Instagram users.
  • Reason people share content – value & entertainment (97%), promote causes (84%), nourish relationships (84%), self-fulfilment (69%) and define identity (68%).

Some more stats on How do we share?

An Individual

  • 1/4th of the Facebook users are obsessed with this social network, they check it more than 5 times a day.
  • Most used social network through mobile – Facebook, and 189 Million users browse this social network through their mobile.
  • Whoever thought the older generation dint use social media should think again. Aged 55-64 is the fastest growing demographic on Twitter.

Company’s CEO

  • 68% of Fortune 500 CEO’s have no presence on social media at all!
  • They use social media to communicate with their customers. From 16% in 2012 and it is predicted to be 57% in 2017. Looks like some of those 68% CEO’s will be joining the banter as well.
  • 140 Fortune 500 CEO’s are on LinkedIn.
  • Email is the king for CEO’s as 90% browse their inboxes regularly. Email is definitely their primary mode of communication.

You’re Brand

  • 1 million websites are integrated with Facebook.
  • 67% of Twitter users will buy from their brands they follow online.
  • 85% of consumers feel connected to brands they follow on social media.
  • 82% of buyers trust a brand if their CEO is active on social media. The above 68% of fortune 500 CEO’s need to be active on social media and fast!

Source: The above info graphic is sourced by StatPro