One of the biggest mistakes I see on Facebook profiles of some of my students at the beginning of their journey to grow their visibility and personal brand is that their privacy settings on posts are set to “Friends Only”.



You see, client attraction starts with a human connection.

But to connect to you, people must evaluate if they can resonate with what you are saying. By limiting your posts to “Friends only” you are literally shutting yourself off from the possibility of being booked up with clients.

I have had people joining my programs and this group who are not my personal friends, I have never seen their names on any comments or reactions on my posts, in fact, often I have to do a serious search to find who they are AFTER they have paid – and sometimes $$$$.


This means that I am able to build trust for them to make an investment with me without even me connecting to them and talking on Messenger, which is a massive part of the organic strategies I practice and teach inside my programs.

My primary platform for client attraction is my personal profile, I do not usually create content particularly for my Business Page (I use it mostly for the repurposing of some of more strategic material, hosting embeddable videos and occasional retargeting ads campaigns. I never run ads to new audiences). This means that new people are either referred to me by their friends or find me through my writing online and start following me, without even befriending.

This is only possible because all my posts are public.

What Matters Most

I made a very strategic decision to use Facebook to build connections to support my Business. People in my distant family have my good old phone number and Skype to connect. When it came to choosing whether Facebook can help make my dream life a reality or looking at pictures of my cousin’s family on vacations, I did not have to think too hard.

I am also bemused how often people resist making that simple decision. (What really happens is the fear of being judged by that cousin who is splashing in the pool in Hawaii, while you are still feeling stuck and frustrated with your life).

Honestly, that cousin does not care about YOUR dreams. Only YOU do. So make that decision NOW – it is the best time for making any decisions!

And Do This:

Go to your personal profile settings –> Privacy
Here is what you will be changing:
Activity—> Set the setting on “Who can see your future posts” on Public.
How People Find and Contact You –> Set “Who can send you friend request” on Public.

I personally do not like allowing people to find me by phone and email- just to eliminate cold outreach from spammy agencies etc. I also limit people seeing my friends list to Friends only. Again, that eliminates some spammy individuals searching through my connections if they are not actually connected to me…

BUT make sure that you say YES under “Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?” – you want to be VISIBLE to those who need you, right?

Now go and make those changes, and then come back and share this article with your Facebook friends! Publicly!

(Originally published on my blog)