I don’t know about you, but I find myself pining for the old days, a few months ago that is. The social network wars have becoming so intense that it’s hard to follow the latest updates, let alone stay proficient at using each one. Even if you do get up to speed on that latest bells and whistles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, do you have time to use them? And what about Google+? Got time to learn that monster as well?

are you overwhelmed by social media

I consider myself an explorer – I love to check out the latest and greatest and see how apps and updates will make me a better social networker and pass the best practices on to my clients. Nowadays, to fulfill that role I would have to spend all of my time exploring, and the hell with my day job! Not going to happen. Here’s what’s on my to-do list that may end up never getting done.


  • Understand my new home page. What are all of those things moving, scrolling, blinking and burping on my page now?
  • Look into how company pages will be or are being changed and how to prepare for that.
  • Hire an interpreter to understand the privacy options and a lawyer to know how to apply them for my clients.
  • Figure out how to customize pages, profiles, updates etc. Did I ever really know how to do this?
  • How to add “like” buttons to all of my content and make it work for me, i.e. monitor metrics in a central location?
  • How to market a business on Facebook without spamming?

Twitter and Its Ecosystem

  • Know the pros and cons of all of the Twitter clients and which ones actually add value in managing, updating and monitoring my Twitter streams and network.
  • What’s new with Twitter itself, and how might new features supercede using one of the many clients?
  • What are the new strategies and bad practices for stimulating retweets and follows?
  • How to find and develop relationships with influencers on Twitter?
  • What’s the best balance between content sharing and conversation?


  • How to optimize my profile? Right now it’s a mess.
  • What are best practices for updates and making connections nowadays?
  • How many groups should you join and how should you behave in groups?
  • Where and how should I share video?
  • What are best practices for building and promoting Company pages?


Where do I start? I don’t know the first thing about Google+, and it’s my own fault. I think I reached critical mass with the first 3, and I’m still falling behind!

Oh well, please share your ideas and strategies for staying up with all this technology. If you’re like the rest of us, you need a robot following you around and handling all of this for you. Maybe a strategy question now and then would be good.

Photo Credit: Walt Stoneburner