anthro mainStyle and passion collide at Anthropologie. The international retailer is well-known for their chic clothing, accessories, gifts and home design. Anthropologie not only knows their consumers, but embodies them. Each store is a sophisticated fashion and entertaining mecca matched only by the stylish shoppers browsing within.

Anthropologie translates this culture online through the feminine bohemianism of their website. The retailer has a strong social presence, with sharing buttons on-site including: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr.

As they are recognized for their visual designs and elegant display, the Anthropologie brand is best conveyed through image-based social media. Therefore we chose to focus on their Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr Blog in the social analysis below.

Pinterest. This network has proven itself to be a successful revenue driver – especially for retail brands. On average, Pinterest shoppers spend more money than those on other social networks: $170 per session versus $95 on Facebook and $70 on Twitter. Anthropologie’s Pinterest profile is certainly a conducive shopping environment. With nearly 350,000 followers and 55 boards, the retailer is building an impressive fashion go-to platform – their boards incorporate personal shopper picks, seasonal style, wedding, crafts and decorating.

anthro pinterest

Instagram. Instagram is all about connecting through images. Although it’s not commonly known as a conversion catalyst, Instagram is an excellent way for brands to share product insight and company life. In fact, over two thirds of the top 100 companies are utilizing Instagram. Anthropologie posts pictures of employees, products, designs, apparel, pets and everyday life to bridge the gap between the brand and consumers. Their quirky images are illustrated here:

anthro insta 2

Tumblr. When it comes to Anthropologie’s social profiles, we definitely saved the best for last. Their Tumblr – The Anthro Blog – is a social masterpiece that ties in both of the above networks. Beginning with the email sign-up and extensive social buttons on the top of the page, each post is then explained clearly with a title, description and image. The content is diverse and engaging, ranging from employee must-haves, how-to’s, seasonal style inspiration, recipes, videos, instagram and pin-to-win promotions.

anthro blog

Anthropologie has clearly built a stylish social empire. Other brands can learn from their comprehensive approach to social media marketing and thorough understanding of their consumer audience. Social media can greatly increase visibility, site traffic and sales if correctly optimized on relevant channels.

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