“The more platforms you post on, the better.” This statement is generally true when it comes to social media marketing. At the very least, you’ll increase your brand visibility by posting on more sites.

But there’s a limit to this, and in some instances, it might actually be better to concentrate your efforts. It all has to do with what sites your target audience is on.

Let’s say members of your target market spend most of their time on Facebook and Instagram. In this case, it wouldn’t make sense to focus most of your efforts on Twitter.

If you had unlimited resources, then you could post your content on a million websites. Unfortunately, marketing isn’t that simple. You have to pick and choose your battles wisely.

How you concentrate your efforts will determine the success of your social media marketing campaign. According to a recent Business 2 Community article, this practice will increase your marketing ROI:

“If your primary demographic is women and your site relies heavily on images and graphics, you should allocate resources to Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. If you offer professional advice, services or products, LinkedIn and Twitter will yield the best results. The networks you dedicate time to should yield the highest ROI for your niche and target demographic; otherwise, your time, money, and resources would be better spent elsewhere.”

It’s not easy finding your target audience on social media. If it were, every business would have ideal online marketing campaigns.

We suggest trying out one or two platforms at a time. If you see a jump in website traffic, then you’ll know your target audience is on one of or both of these platforms.

If you do this over the course of 6 months and find out that Twitter is your most effective social site, then you should focus more of your time and efforts on Tweeting.

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