It’s the middle of the night. You’re in trouble. Who’s the 4 am friend you would call for help?

Prank videos are the new flavour on social media. Brands cannot play pranks but can always execute one if it fits in its objective. And why shouldn’t they when pranks are more likely to go viral? Two days ago, Airtel rolled out a prank film, exclusively for the digital medium, and managed to garner more than 30K views.

The film features a central character named Abhi, who plays a prank to test which of his friends are “4am friends”, the kind of friends who will be there for him even in the middle of the night.

The 3-minute video begins with Abhi calling his friends late at night, telling them that he hit a car and now has a bunch of goons asking for Rs. 10,000, to let him go. As each of his friends come to his rescue, they are put through a series of bizarre experiences, replete with madmen and paranormal occurrences.

While Abhi’s friends are thoroughly spooked out, the film makes for hilarious viewing.

One friend named Rishabh survives it all and ultimately comes to Abhi’s aid, only to be surprised by a grand celebration, toasting him as Abhi’s true ‘4am friend’. The film ends with a link to the telco’s night packs that offers unlimited internet and calls all night, so you could be connected with your #4amfriends all night.

Does the friend test sound familiar? It did for me and many others. Remember the Carlsberg prank video where a group of friends call up their friends in the middle of the night to help them repay the money lost in a game of Poker? Airtel’s 4am Friends prank is completely inspired by that one.

Airtel has been sharing the video on its Facebook and Twitter pages, in a bid to gain more views, and get the word out on its night store benefits.