When put together, content marketing and social media create a powerful synergy—increasing the reach and effectiveness of each. THiNKaha has revolutionized social media content with AHAbooks, a fresh, exciting type of content: social-media-sized ebooks comprised of 140 pages of 140 characters—or 140 tweets. Promote your AHAbook on social media and within your published long-form content, including blog posts and whitepapers, to increase your social media engagement, amplify social selling and add a new dimension to your content marketing to significantly ramp up website views and lead generation and conversion.

Content curation can significantly increase the reach of your social media presence. To leverage the power of content curation, you must find, curate and share highly relevant, industry-leading content across your social networks—including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. High-quality content curation is valuable to others and will boost your social lead generation. Discovering, organizing, and sharing the most relevant and highly shareable content that is custom-tailored to your target audience on an ongoing basis is no easy feat. You must sift through a sea of online content to find the content gems that will help you amplify your thought leadership, social media marketing and lead generation and conversion.

Sort through the sea of content to select content that is high-quality, published by a trusted source, highly useful to your target audience, and in line with your brand messaging. Strive to curate at least 10 pieces of content for Twitter each day. For Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, two is plenty. Achieving this consistently can help distinguish your brand as an industry thought leader and a trusted source for great social content, and AHAthat can help get you there. AHAthat is the first 100% curated thought leadership platform for sharing, creating and promoting high-quality bite-size quotes. AHAthat allows a topic expert to create their own thought leadership content and encourages the expert’s following to share the content on their social networks. Many AHAthat authors have been able to create their social media-enabled AHAbooks of 140 AHAMessages in less than a day.

AHAthat is also a valuable research tool. You can use AHAthat to research your original content, find expert quotes and identify new high-quality content sources related to your industry topic of choice. There are over 30,000 AHAmessages available to share on social media free of charge. With AHAthat, it is easy to create, organize, and share your own thought leadership AHAmessages in social-media-sized, easy-to-consume, small yet powerful packages. You can easily share AHAbooks in seconds, create your own AHAbook within a day, and promote your thought leadership across your social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, to boost your social media and content marketing.

AHAthat is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for AHAblaster, which is a helpful scheduler that works in conjunction with AHAthat. AHAthat also integrates with GaggleAMP. With this integration, it is possible for AHAthat users to share AHAmessages through GaggleAMP. Chief Aha Instigator and THiNKaha CEO, Mitchell Levy, said collaboration with the GaggleAMP team is part of its commitment to deliver amazing AHAmessages to the widest worldwide audience. You should check out a great mini course that AHAthat offers called 5 Minutes of Social Media a Day.

According to HubSpot CEO, Brian Halligan, your target audience is deluged with over 2000 outbound marketing interruptions daily. Breaking through the crowded online content space and commanding attention is becoming increasing more difficult. People are busier than ever and have more content at their fingertips than ever before. With your own AHAbook, you can give them something delightful and valuable that they can consume on the go and AHAmessages that they share with their social audience, when they have a free moment. You must keep evolving in order to keep pace with the ever-changing content marketplace. Add an AHAbook to your marketing mix to reach new heights with social media and content marketing.