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I always lead off with social proof because it’s important to understand what I’m going to tell you works.

Over the last 3 months I’ve driven almost 16,000 visits from social media. Oh, and they’re all FREE.

Social Media Traffic

To be honest, I don’t really know too much about social media.

Shit, I don’t even have accounts on most of the major networks.

I’m able to get these results by simply paying attention to my data.

The key to data analytics is asking the right questions. I’ve laid out the 5 questions you need to ask to drive more traffic:

  1. Why do I use social media?
  2. What posts are driving the most value for my business?
  3. Where is my content performing the best?
  4. Who is sharing my content?
  5. When is the best time to post?

Question One: Why?

  • Define your goals from using social media – what are you hoping to achieve?
  • Use analytics to measure against those goals
  • If you aren’t achieving them with your efforts, cut it off and move on – SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT FOR EVERYONE
  • My example:
    • Our goals from social media is to drive quality traffic, leads and engagements on our blog
    • If I post a link to Facebook and it doesn’t achieve those 3 goals, I cut my losses and save my time
    • Use the data to learn what works and what doesn’t
    • Scale down on what doesn’t and scale up on what does

Question Two: What?

Report #1: Acquisition > Social > Conversions

Conversions from Social Media

What it tells you:

  • Insights into which social networks are driving conversions on your site
  • Click through on each social network for more details

Report #2: Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns

Does my Traffic Convert?

What it tells you:

  • Insight into the performance of your tagged URLs
  • Visits, time on site, bounce rate and conversion data by post. This is very powerful shit

Report #3: Acquisition > All Traffic > Source / Medium

Source Medium Conversion Report

What it tells you:

  • Insight into engagement data
  • Tells you if social media is driving quality, engaged visits to your website

Question Three: Where?

Report: Acquisition > Social > Landing Pages

Social Media Content Performance

What it tells you:

  • The URLs of your content being shared
  • The social network it’s shared on
  • The associated engagement metrics / traffic quality of those shares

Question Four: When?

Your audience is unique – you can’t rely on the data of others to tell you when to post.

Report: Acquisition > Social > Landing Pages

  • Understand the best time to posts maximizes traffic and engagement of your content
  • To get this data, you need to use the data from the social network, not Google Analytics


Accessing Twitter Analytics

  • View the activity of your Tweets: impressions, clicks and post engagements
  • Note the time and day of your top and worst performing posts
  • Did they contain images? Hashtags? Links? Pay attention to what works and what doesn’t
  • Use this data to perfect your approach and maximize traffic


  • Quora stores incredible data about your posts and how they’re interacted with
  • Use this data to perfect your approach and maximize traffic


  • Sometimes you have to use manual data
  • Each Subreddit tells you how many Redditors are currently active in the forum
  • Take note of the time of day that your target Subreddits are most active Use this data to perfect your approach and maximize traffic

Question Five: Who?

  • If you’re doing a good job with content you’ll get organic shares
  • It’s important (and rewarding) to look into the data

Report #1: Acquisition > Social > Data Hub Activity

What it tells you:

  • People who have been sharing your links across social
  • Data is limited as it only works with Google’s Hub Partners

Report #2: Mention.com

Mention is a powerful platform that pulls through all branded mentions, social handle mentions and link mentions across the web.

Link: Mention.com

Report #3: Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium; Under “Secondary Dimension” add “Landing Page”

What it tells you:

  • What content people are sharing organically
  • Where they’re sharing it
  • The value to your business