Building Connections with Social Media

For most salespeople, the ABC acronym sounds familiar. Most remember the “Always Be Closing” acronym, but that phrase has become outdated. In the age of social selling, the ABC acronym has taken on a new identity. The ‘C’ now stands better for “connecting” because you cannot sell on social media if you can’t connect with customers in a meaningful way. To do that, you must maintain a steady stream of fresh content, excitable photos, videos, and develop a following of people who follow others to maintain a healthy fresh network of connections.


Of course, most salespeople start with coworkers, family, and friends when they’re learning the ropes, but you should also expand your network by building connections with social media. The overall goal is to raise awareness and interest of your customers with your company or brand. You can reach out to customers, influencers, speakers, journalists, bloggers, and even people you meet on the street. In the digital age, your social media acts as a business card.

The ABC Strategy

While the ins-and-outs of your strategizing are likely to change with the time, the core strategy for building connections with social media should be to connect with interesting or influential people who are intrigued with building connections with your brand. Over time you will build more connections with people of interest allowing your social capital to zoom skyward.

The key is to first gather information about your buyers, whom they trust, what their interests are, and connect with those people to earn trust and likeability through extension. However, be aware of who you associate with when building connections through social media. You could potential tarnish your company or brand if you don’t pay attention.

Quality, Not Quantity

When building connections with social media, most people focus on the number of celebrities or interesting people they can get to like or follow them. However, you have to be careful if you don’t know much about these people because you run the risk of being associated with negative issues or whatever public relations disaster that celebrity or influencer might be involved in. Instead, focus on a few people that spark your interest and learn as much as you can about them to ensure they’re brand won’t hurt your ratings.

Learn to Develop the Right Content for Social Media

You’ve made the connections now it’s time to start thinking about how to create fresh and unique content that will keep your consumers engaged, interested, and educated. Building connections with social media means always staying up to date with new ways to maintain your brand’s digital presence. Having a structured strategy for your content allows you to understand which connections are more engaged with your brand, what kinds of messages are working, and what kind of content you need to create.