Club Mahindra Holidays is inviting consumers to share their wackiest excuses for a holiday and the most wacky excuse will win a fully paid vacation.

While a few of us need a vacation to discover ourselves, most of us need it to break free from the daily humdrum but everybody longs to holiday. Imagine waking up to chirping birds or bathing in natural springs or trekking up a mountain without paying a single dime for it.

Now you can win a fully paid vacation from Club Mahindra Holidays on their YouTube page. All you have to do is video shoot your excuse for a vacation, upload the video to your YouTube account and then upload it at the contest location. The crazier your excuse, the higher is the likelihood of you winning!

Win a vacation contest on YouTube

You can access the contest on the Club Mahindra Holidays YouTube page. A click on the page lands you directly on the home page of ‘Win a Vacation’ tab. Don’t miss the top 3 excuses of the week displayed on the home page.


A click on ‘Participate now’ button or the ‘Participate’ tab requires you to login with YouTube. Read the ‘Participation Rules’ and then proceed with uploading your excuse video by following the instructions given. You can also record from your webcam and publish it on YouTube.

The ‘About Win a Vacation’ tab gives you contest information in a bulleted list. This tab also displays the ‘participate now’ and ‘participation rules’ button.

Gallery displays all the uploaded videos which you can then like or comment on. When you click on individual videos, there is an option below to share it on Facebook or Twitter.

How good is ‘Win a Vacation’?

I’m very impressed with the campaign right from the concept to the design and execution. ‘Win a Vacation’ is a #Win for me. Gone are the days of getting your consumers to click pictures of exotic locales or share a memorable travel story to win a contest. Now is the age of videos and getting your consumers to create their own videos is a cool idea.

But the most striking aspect of this contest is the social media platform chosen. Choosing to host the contest on YouTube is a good move to create awareness of the brand’s YouTube channel. That apart, it is a refreshing change from the routine Facebook contests with its embedded videos and Facebook likes.

The design and layout is simple yet exciting. And one can easily navigate to and fro in the contest, given the instructions and multiple paths to participation. Moreover, Win A Vacation does not require a mandatory subscribe to the brand channel, to be eligible for participation. The judging criteria for the videos is quite interesting too – creativity, clarity of idea, video quality, most convincing, most entertaining, etc. It is good to see that the contest has been well promoted on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter page, as these are more popular compared to YouTube.

However, the selection process depends on the number of YouTube likes and hence contestants would have to share it extensively on popular networks like Facebook and Twitter. The grand prize winner will be chosen by the jury from 10 shortlisted videos with the maximum number of YouTube likes and that could bring in a degree of bias into this contest.

Nevertheless, I’m happy to see Club Mahindra Holidays experimenting with a contest on a new medium. I am hoping other brands catch on to this trend and we are treated to interesting YouTube campaigns in the future!

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