We’re currently living in a digital age where almost everything can be accessed with just an internet connection. With this in mind, it has become crucial for businesses big and small alike to have some sort of online presence. The internet is a big place, which means there are various ways to make your mark online in an achievable and cost-effective manner.

With its growing influence in the world today, social media has become a necessity for businesses to open a direct line of communication with customers. While some companies are so popular that they don’t need much to build their social media presence, small businesses will need to work harder in order to create a strong social media presence.

Once that decision has been made, following a few simple steps will place you on the right path:

Pick the right platform for your business

The first decision you to make is which social media platforms you want your target audience to find you on. You need to be wherever your customers are, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat or something you haven’t even heard of.

These platforms will be ideal for you depending on how you wish to share your content and what type of content you have to share.

Create a strong and descriptive profile

This is probably the grass root level of building an audience. As simple as it may sound, creating a strong profile is much more complex than you might think. Start with a description about your business and how you function, along with its speciality. Having good branding, such as profile images consistent with your business and brand, give your profiles a professional look.

Add all of your relevant contact details like email addresss and phone numbers so that you can easily be reached. Simply keep in mind that this is your professional profile, so keep your communication friendly but professional .


Link your platforms on your website

Creating social media profiles is vital, however, you need to also link your profiles in your website. Make sure that your social media buttons are visible, so that any visitors on your website can easily find your profiles and contact you when they need to. Merging your offline tmarketing efforts with your online profiles also contributes to providing prospects with extra information and access to your shareable content assets.

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Promote your pages via paid promotions or advertisements

Social media platforms have paid promotion features, which help you to reach a wider audience. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest have options to boost your posts through a small payment.

Select the most attractive and descriptive posts from your social media page and choose your target audience, paying according to your need for promotions. For instance, if you own a start-up that manufactures headphones, you might want to target an audience in the 15-30 age group for a high chance of conversions. You can also target audiences by area, according to where your business operates from. The payments are often reasonable and undergo safe transaction checks to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Through these paid promotions, your targeted audience gets to see your social media posts and can choose to follow you depending upon your campaign’s impact. It can be a great way to build up your audience and reach thousands of people with specialized content or promotions.


Social media account promotion

Multiple social media accounts are practically a requirement for businesses, helping to build a better network among followers from platforms. Social media account promotion is simply the promotion of one of your platforms with the help of the other accounts.

Your twitter followers, for example, will be seeing your 160-character tweets and quality pictures, but you can direct them to your Pinterest page to increase the exposure of other variety of content. This can be specific or general and help you to get an even presence in multiple social media platforms.

Engaging with your audience

Engaging with your audience would not only help you understand your followers better but also allow you to create a lasting impression. A business that actively responds to its followers and understands their needs will create a bigger impact.

This can be used as an advantage for people in the service industry, since customer service is one of the major aspects in the business. Nonetheless, this method can be beneficial to other business owners or young start-ups as well.

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Reserve handles

Getting noticed and recognized easily on social media is vital, and it can be achieved through making sure that your business has a more personalized way of being identified. Handles or usernames are typically used in social media platforms, and having a simple and direct handle ensures that your followers can effortlessly recognize you.

In addition, these personalized handles make it simpler for prospective customers and followers to find you on the different platforms.

Use all of the latest features

Social media websites are improving the way people can engage with each other on a regular basis. They also make it easier for businesses to build a network, so it’s important to use the latest features to make the most out of each social media platform.

The best example would be the ‘live’ feature introduced in most of the platforms, which allows you to directly communicate with your followers. All of these factors, when combined and used strategically, help you to build a strong social media presence and boost your young start-up business efficiently.