8 Tips to Make Your Mark Through Social Media Campaigns

“Put it in Facebook and it will get to everyone”,

the common sentence that you hear in almost all the organizations, be it a dingy two room start-up with high aspirations and hopes for the future, or those business giants with glass walled buildings all over the world, making turnover of millions and millions of dollars.

Maintaining a public profile, an official page in the leading social media platforms, fully functional websites and forums where end users can directly contact the organization has become some of the mandatory assets that each company has in its ‘Must Have’ checklist.

One such popular method that takes your idea to the masses is the ever trendy Social Media Campaigning.

This type of campaigning is nothing but promoting your products, improving your business, and catching up with the people to understand their needs and expectations.

Below are some of the tips that would help you make a firm positive impression through successful social media campaigns.

1. Who Does the Job?

Pen (Keyboard in this matter) is mightier than sword, so be wary and handpick the troop that you are going to give that particular weapon. It Is a wise a choice to hire a reputed social media expert to help you with the task.

2. Too many Cooks Spoil the Broth

There are too many social media platforms out there, and trying to make yourself popular in every surface available is as good as not establishing a social face for you. Concentrate on fewer platforms that are popular with your target audience.

3. Identify Your Audience

You should have a clear idea about your target audience, whom you want to read your content. Research deep on this section as this is the ultimate judge of your Hit or Miss in the social media market. For example, if you want to reach out to a professional network, you may try LinkedIn instead of posting a video in YouTube.


4. Be Like the Coffee of Starbucks

Your customers always have some pre-set expectations on you. Make sure you do not fail to remember this fact any time. They expect consistency, so posting twenty things in one day, disappearing for a month and making a grand comeback won’t work in your favor.

5. Don’t just Think out of Box; think above, below, in, around and even without the Box

You should always allow that innovation reflect in your approach. There is no shortcut. Take the road that was never taken and leave a trail. People are not interested in seeing the same things repeated, so add a little spice and salt and present a beautiful meal.

6. Communication is ‘The Key’

Make your customers feel that their comments do and actually matter. If they comment on your posts, make sure that you respond to them. Acknowledge their comments and work on their feedback. This brings a tremendous uplift to your social media presence.

7. Right Tools are the Right Way

Social media campaigns require a lot of planning, and there are lots of tools available that will help make things go smooth in your support. Tools such as Hootsuite, Editorial Calendar, and the like are tailor made for social media management.


8. Tolerance is a Virtue

The main trick is to understand that nothing happens overnight. Do not feel doused if first few of your attempts do not go viral. Analyze the strategies and improve on them further.

Social media campaigning has the following main mantras:

  • Detailed Research
  • Careful Planning
  • Right people to do the work

The formula that you get when you mix these three things in the right proportion is the road map to your sizzling success when it comes to effective promotion through social media.

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