1. Can you make this go viral

We have no control over what goes viral.  It is the audience, the internet user, who makes something go viral.  If it is catchy and timely it may go viral.  If we could figure out the equation to what people are going to go nutty over we would be kings!

  1. Can you guarantee me $10,000 in sales each month

No, just because Social Media Marketing and Advertising is a new platform the rules don’t change.  It is still Advertising and Marketing – sales depend on if your product is in demand, if the consumer needs or wants your product – we can’t predict the needs and wants of the consumer (yet!)  It is no different than Target or Walmart being unable to predict if your product will fly off the shelves.  The only thing we can do, as in any campaign old or new, is put it out there creatively and entice people to make the purchase.

  1. My customers aren’t using Social Media.

Are you sure about that?  77% of all American adults are active Facebook users. (Pew Research)  78% of people who make $75,000 or more and 73% of people who have College or advanced degrees are active users of Social Media. (Pew)

The fastest growing demographic on Facebook is the 45 to 54 age group.  Basically, the majority of people in all age groups and income brackets ARE using Social Media.

  1. I used a Social Media Marketer before and they promised 3 times my return on investment and it didn’t happen.

Again, no one can predict what consumers will purchase.  Products and services must be wanted or needed by the consumer.   Seasonally your products may increase in sales, but overall the best we can do is put your products out there as creatively as possible and entice people to purchase.  Social Media is the major avenue to advertise these days – if you want to be seen and considered you must be there.  If a marketer is “promising” you a specific ROI walk away.

  1. My business is too serious to post these silly pictures and stories.

Then your business is too boring to be acknowleged on Social Media.  Advertising and Marketing by selling directly to people is no longer how it is done. Providing your audience with interesting and relevant content that they will take notice of is how you will gain customers.  If you think you are too serious participate in Social Media then you are missing a valuable opportunity to grow your business.

  1. This is too expensive – all you do is post silly cartoons and stories.

With 71% of Consumers more likely to make a purchase based on Social Media Referrals and 74% of Social Media users encouraging their friends to try products (Forbes) it is a serious marketing tool that takes time, knowledge and experience.  Social Media Marketers (good ones) are not just slapping up a cartoon, they are curating content and posting strategically as well as monitoring your accounts for conversations and engagement.  It takes time.

Many business owners don’t blink twice at pending thousands on an ad that sits in a closed phone book that does not have much of an ROI yet freak when they see monthly marketing and advertising costs.  It is time to take Social Media seriously and shift that budget over to what works.

  1. My daughter/son/wife/niece/nephew spends a lot of time on Social Media, they can handle posting on my business page.

Just because someone uses Social Media a lot does not mean they know how to effectively market.  A successful Marketing and Advertising Campaign takes experience and knowledge.   Just because your niece spends a lot of time reading medical journals you wouldn’t let her operate on you. Spending a lot of time on Social Sites does not make someone an expert.

  1. Social Media is a fad for kids– it will all end soon.

If you still believe this then you are going to be hard pressed to find customers in the future.  While the actual Social Sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) may not be around in 10 years (or will they) online marketing and advertising is how it is done these days.  Laptops, tablets, mobile phones – people are plugged in and getting their information via the internet.  You need to be there so that they get your information.