8 Shocking Social Media Facts

social media marketingSo you got social media marketing down and have become on-line famous as of late. You now have tens of thousands of Facebook friends, Twitter followers, Google+ people who circled you, and other subscribers to your news feed in other social media sites.

However, you should already know that these social media sites are constantly on the update and so you should be as well. You should know the trends and downfalls of these types of websites in order to follow what’s hot and leave the not.

In an article located at businessgrow.com, the authors stated a number of facts pertaining to the latest trends regarding social media presence. So if your just an ordinary person that just wants to be Internet famous or a business person that needs more sales leads, then continue on reading.

  1. 7% of Americans still do not know the existence of Facebook

    Today, it is a no brainer that everybody is on Facebook. However, there is still quite a number of people, especially those living in the USA, that still do not know what Facebook is. So even if you are really famous in this social media giant of a website, there are still 7 out of 100 Americans that do not know about it.

  2. 80% of Americans between the age of 18-24 are on Facebook

    If you want to target this age group in Facebook alone then you’re in luck! In the article, they have shown a graph wherein they recorded the ages of users in Facebook and compiled them where they have shown that a huge 80% of Americans are on Facebook. Do not worry if you want to target another age group. Although not as much, you can still target other age groups but the number of Americans won’t be as high as those that are in the age of 18-24.

  3. Facebook acquires new users every second for the past 3 years

    If you think Facebook couldn’t grow anymore then you are wrong. During the past 3 years, the social media website has garnered at an average of 3,805 users per hour. If you do the math, that can equate to an average of 1 user per second; and that’s recorded on the USA alone.

  4. It is seen that around 74M Americans are passive-aggressive on-line

    Now that you have a strong on-line presence, ever wondered why you’re still not getting more likes from your posts? Or more retweets for your tweets? Or more shares and +1’s? That’s alright; the authors of the article at businessgrow.com has stated that a very large number of Americans are passive-aggressive; 74 million in fact. This means that if they see an update or some valuable piece of information, they might be interested, but they won’t do anything about it yet.

  5. 34% of social media users are lurkers

    Lurkers are what you call people who have an account at a site but don’t do anything. They don’t post a status, they don’t tweet; you get the general idea. They’re just there to look at stuff, nothing more.

  6. Foursquare is still lagging behind other social media sites

    The site that was launched last 2009 is still not on par with other social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. At a recorded 20 million users (accdg. to Wikipedia), it may be a sleeping giant waiting to be awaken. What do you think?

  7. Businesses are now getting into social media marketing

    With the rise of these sites (and the latest Google Penguin update), more and more businesses are getting into social media marketing. Businesspeople know these sites are flocking with people. So if they’re a into healthcare or a chain of telemarketing companies, they can (and should) build an on-line presence to get their products and/or services across millions to even tens of millions of people; and that’s from the United States alone.

  8. Content marketing is the real deal

    Need a good on-line presence? Make quality content. Internet people subscribe to other users that give them quality content.

If you need more information on the topic and see the graphs, you can visit the article by clicking here.

Still think that building social media presence has reached its peak? Think again.