Content is King – what kind of content rules?

Social Media Marketing is strongly related to content. When starting with social media for business one of the first tips you get is: „Content is King“. That sounds easy enough, but to be honest it is not: content is not necessarily good content, and a lot of content out there in the social networks simply is not king!The easiest way to figure out, what kind of content will rule in the end, you have to understand what you want to achieve with the really good content and what makes content king.

Here are our 8 reasons why „Content is King.“

1. You cannot show expertise in a slogan.

Have you ever tried to put all your knowledge and wit, all your character and personality, all your experience and customer feedback into one short, crisp sentence? What did your audience say to this? Did they believe you?

The right kind of diversified, intelligent, helpful, knowledgeable and entertaining content will prove your expertise and inspire loyalty. However hard you try – a witty slogan will not serve this purpose.

This is why, “Content is King.”

2. A reputation is not built by simply claiming expertise.

Trust, reputation and standing out from the masses need times to develop. You cannot claim these attributes without producing consistently strong material and building a following in different social media channels. (It is hard work to achieve these followers – maybe you want to follow me?)

Constantly contributing insightful, entertaining and knowledgeable content – spiced with some (subtle) customer opinions and moderate praise – can prove your expertise far more thoroughly than any of your lofty claims.

That is why “Content is King.”

3. People block out promotion.

Let us be honest, in the end we all want the same thing: to spread the word about our products and services. The problem we face is that no one likes to be bombarded with advertisements and sales messages; in today’s world, people block out or ban promotions.

The way out of this dilemma is to provide insight in an unobtrusive and helpful way. To get people to listen to your valuable content, they have to have a desire to consume your message.

This is why “Content is King.”

4. People do not share advertisements.

To gain the best possible results in social media, you need more than your followers, friends and contacts to listen to you.

In order for your message to truly spread, you need the help of members from their networks, too. You need other people to be exposed to, share and spread what you have to say. They will not do so just to promote your business.

Give them content they will happily share. This kind of content is not advertisements; it is valuable, helpful, entertaining, personal and humanistic.

This is why “Content is King.”

5. People do not connect to shouters.

To make your content spread, you need an audience. You need people to connect to you – to read your posts what you have to say.


Or would you rather involve yourself in networks where you are exposed to meaningful content, presented in a thoughtful way? While you might also connect to strictly entertainers – in the end, it is the helpful and engaging information we crave in business.

This is why “Content is King.”

6. People do not follow advertising channels.

Imagine you are watching your favorite TV program. (Assuming you don’t have TiVo) what do you do, when the commercials come on? Hang on to every word of the commercials? Or rather switch channels, visit the bathroom or fetch a beer/glass of wine?

In your own marketing broadcast, don’t be the invasive commercial breaks. Your audience will tune out and visit another station. Present content that makes your audience eager to listen, and turn to you as an information source.

This is why “Content is King.”

7. Slogan creativity is limited.

Have you ever had a brainstorming session for inventing slogans around your company and products? This is actually fun. But at some point, you run out of crisp and witty ideas.

The possibilities for creating entertaining and informative content are virtually endless, when you expand beyond the slogan. Think you are stuck? Explore the content from leading marketers in your industry and let them inspire you or look around some content of people who do not even realize that they are using content marketing. The more you get into your content strategy and the more people you involve in the content creation process, the more ideas will arise.

That is why “Content is King.”

8. Ads make you an entertainer; content makes you a thought leader.

A really strong advertisement entertains. It might even spread because it is fantastically funny, cute or insane.

Are these the attributes you want to be connected to your business and your professional life? If they are, by all means… proceed.

As a content marketer of a B2B company, I would aim for helpful, knowledgeable, informative and engaging … all of these summing up to thought leadership. A general rule of thumb would be to hold off on the pet pics, and spread your knowledge and wit.

This is why “Content is King.”

Looking forward to your Kingly Content!

(This post was originally published on exploreB2B)

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