hubspot social media toolOne of the first concerns when embarking on a social media marketing campaign is finding the time to do it well. So many platforms, so much content, so little time, so few resources. It’s true—if you spend time on each social media platform every day, hopping from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, it can take up a good chunk of your day.

There are solutions for that. If you research Social Media Marketing management platforms, you’ll find there are quite a few out there. They each offer a variety of functionality to streamline and scale your social media efforts. For enterprise-level marketers in particular, the value of this can’t be overstated. The challenge with these platforms is that they focus solely on social media, and you might also be utilizing e-mail marketing, a blog, advanced content downloads and a contacts database. Wouldn’t it be great if all of these could be integrated under one software umbrella? With HubSpot’s recently released Social Media Tool, they can. Here are 8 reasons I love HubSpot’s social media tool:

  • Integration – HubSpot’s software now allows you to manage your contacts database, e-mail marketing, blog, lead generation and nurturing, and social media marketing, all from one dashboard.  Monitor conversations in social spaces to uncover topics that are important to your target audience, then write a blog post about it or send an e-mail.
  • Measuring the Impact – This has always been challenging with social media. We know engaging with target audiences, extending our reach and creating sharable content is incredibly valuable, but it’s hard to put a number on that, which is often what upper-management asks of us. Now in HubSpot, you can not only evaluate all of your social channels at-a-glance to determine where to best allocate your resources, you can determine how many leads and even customers came from those social channels. Knowing the monetary value of a lead and a customer, then knowing how many of those found you through social media gives you some powerful information to share with your organization’s leadership.
  • Efficiency through Scheduled and Automated Posts – This is where you can save time. All through one portal and with just a few clicks, you can schedule content to post to your Facebook page, Twitter feed and a LinkedIn Group at a designated future date and time. HubSpot even suggests the best time of day to post to help you reach the greatest number of people and get the most interaction. You can follow HubSpot’s suggestions or create a custom posting schedule based on your own research of  your social accounts. Also, since it’s so important to share fresh content, you can have HubSpot automatically promote each new blog post through your social channels.
  • Identify and Engage with Influencers – HubSpot provides you with insights on each and every post you make in social media. This data is available from each social platform, but we love having it all in one place. You can see who has liked, commented or shared your content and also see how many followers that person has, giving you an idea of your total potential reach, as well as identifying influencers you’ll want to continue to engage with. Put those influencers into a list and share content with them in an e-mail.
  • Monitor Existing Leads in Social Media – One thing lacking in social media marketing in the past was the ability to tie your social conversations to leads that already exist in your contacts database and track that engagement. You can now do this via HubSpot’s social media tool, which is an exciting new feature. This allows you to really see how social engagement helps nurture leads down the path to becoming customers.
  • Bookmarklet – Allow me to declare my love for bookmarklets. If an application I use regularly has a bookmarklet, be it Evernote, Google Reader or Hootsuite, I’ll add it to my Chrome Extensions. Bookmarklets are handy little tools for quickly sharing content from around the web on the fly. If you stumble across a piece of content you want to share with your social media followers, rather than opening up another application and copying over the link, you can simply use the bookmarklet to share that content right then and there. Speedy and efficient.
  • Follow Me module – If you want to add social media buttons to webpages so others can connect with you, you’ve typically had to go to a designer to get the icons the right size and format, then to a developer to add those icons to the chosen webpages. The Follow Me module makes this process quick and easy without having to bug half of your team for something so simple. HubSpot lets you easily add your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest accounts to any of your webpages, whether hosted on the HubSpot CMS or not.
  • Track Keywords/Phrases in Social Media Conversations – This is where rubber hits the road in social media marketing. Tell HubSpot what keyword phrases you want to monitor across Twitter, LinkedIn, the blogosphere, YouTube and Yahoo Answers and those conversations will be pulled into HubSpot to review and respond. Participating in these conversations is a big part of what successful social media marketing is about. You can also provide negative keywords to eliminate noise or unrelated conversations from this feed. For example, if you represent Delta Airlines, you might add the word “faucet” to your negative keyword list to prevent content about the other company named Delta from entering your feed.

Are you also loving the HubSpot Social Media tool? Tell us about your experience with it or other social media management platforms in a comment!

photo credit: Rosaura Ochoa