I posted this a few years back and it inspired some conversation – not all agreed with the list. Do you think it still holds up?

My company had been gathering a list of negative (as well as positive) behaviors for a class we intend to launch entitled, “Twitter: Business Ethics and Behavior.” Our original intent was an exercise around how to sell without being obnoxious, how to build authentic relationships and having a following that matters. It should come as no surprise that our focus group and crowd-sourced feedback led to the conversation itself. Semantics and syntax were at the core of most people’s impressions.

Social business in public “social media” spaces now requires professionalism. If you are using Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Orkut, Bebo or posting live video on Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler or Justin.tv for business than these are the idioms your audience thinks it’s best to avoid. Keep in mind, your children are going to read this stuff ten years from now when they search for you online.

8.5 Slang Expressions Not to Use in Business

1. That looks dope

2. Dude*

3. Brah, Bro or broddy

4. Mang (as in, “Whas up mang?”)

5. Hollar at me

6. Baller (unless your profession is basketball)

7. Homie

8. Come hang?

8.5 Dog, dawg or my dawgness

*Dude may be used as an expression of extreme excitement, for example, “Dude! Excellent work on that project” – use sparingly unless you really are Jeff Bridges in character.

What expressions on the list do you think are ok? Do you have any that should be added?