Are you a social media content creator who is looking to improve upon the existing editorial strategy?

If yes, then we just have the right set of tools for you, treading on the lines of visual empowerment. These tools or rather techniques appeal to the visual senses of customers— engaging them in a different yet resourceful manner. Be it videos, emojis or graphics— a social media editorial plan is actually incomplete without visual engagement and this is where most content creators lose the plot.

However, if you are looking to be unique and create that sense of satisfaction among readers, visual impetus is a must. So let us take a closer look at these 7 tool which can help spice up any content marketing strategy:

#1. Focus on Emojis

When it comes to emojis, content creation has certainly taken a step forward. These are nothing less than content allies which are ubiquitous when online conversations are considered. To be precise, emojis lend a definite personality to any piece of content— regardless of its seriousness. While there are many applications in the market for pairing text with emojis, the idea here is to select the perfect sets— suitable to the tone of your business.

Emojis shouldn’t be added vaguely to any content but must be paired with the associated graphics. Be it custom graphics or the personalized ones, emojis can easily define the actual essence of these to the user— without resorting to texts. It is therefore necessary to bring in a dedicated browser or an exhaustive emoji library for making the best use of this tool.

Apart from that, we can also download the specific art files from SlideShare and a host of other sources. Emojis can also work as the substitutes to content and can even penetrate through the impermeable layer of messaging applications where long and textual undertones aren’t exactly popular.

#2. Create Animated Videos

Presentations and videos make an integral part of any editorial strategy as these are shareable and exportable in nature. While there are many user platforms for creating online presentations and snippets, editing them perfectly is what makes all the difference. Most video creating platforms come with a host of optimizing options— specific to the goals and platforms.

The likes of Moovly help marketers create professional videos for an affordable price— mainly to pair and support the textual content with something substantial.

#3. Opt for Streaming Vendors and Push the Video Content

Now when you have already created a video, you need to push it via myriad social channels. One such tool which can make you popular is online streaming. Putting up your textual content along with a video or presentation over YouTube is a great start. You, as a marketer can stream HD cinema, TV shows and a host of other visually appalling stuffs over the likes of YouTube and Vimeo.

While texts will still be important for creating Seo-friendly descriptions and terminologies, the onus will be upon the videos for pulling in customers from the remotest of corners.

#4. Build Interactive Infographics

Infographics can actually say a lot without having to delve into the technicalities of text. This is why they are imperative to your content marketing cause. There are several vendors which can help create interactive infographics but you must be clear with what you want to visualize— beforehand. Be it editing the graphics or opting for the occasional tweaks, a lot of work goes behind creating infographics— sometimes even more than a usual article.

#5. Create GIFs

Be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram— GIFs are actually everywhere. These are specific entities which can help any marketer with a brand name besides offering a newer perspective to look at images, videos and even texts.

However, you need to be careful with the selection of images and must make sure that they are in sync with each other. Upon selecting the definite order, you need to pick the perfect category and speed for optimizing the concerned GIFs.

One tip which can be handy is to refrain from putting up all work related GIFs. Social media is pretty fickle when it comes to the attention span of the readers. Therefore, the GIF must be humorous, interactive and intriguing to say the least.

#6. Turn Existing Visuals into Movies

If you are finding it cumbersome to shoot and create actual videos, you can always customize the same according to your requirements— by opting for something which can transform images and stills into videos.

However, you need to be sure whether the concerned audience will actually like this idea or not. Once you have zeroed in on using visuals for creating videos, you can choose the set of themes, intros or even outros to go with the same.

The trickiest part is always the audio as you need to opt for loyalty free music while creating these kind of videos.

#7. Design a Host of Custom Images

Social media engagement can also be amplified using customized images. However, by custom images we don’t actually mean only filters and effects. These images are visually enchanting and in sync with the concerned social media platforms. Be it Pins for Pinterest or specific dimensions for Instagram and Facebook— custom images are actually modified for a given social platform and must not be used over other channels.

Moreover, some marketers prefer using special icons and logos for the same— adding a hint of personalization to the featured custom images.

Bottom Line

You, as a content marketer, might be losing out on potential customers if articles and textual overlays are the only resources on your mid. If you want to broaden the repertoire, it is important to delve into the visual world of content— comprising of images, emojis, infographics and a lot more.

Social media is a volatile sphere and might be slightly saturated when it comes to textual content. However, attractive visual content is something which hasn’t been leveraged well and still provides ample scopes of engagement— only if you are creative enough and willing to take the plunge.