Your content defines your business. It also sets you apart from your competitors. In today’s age of social media engagement, it’s imperative for companies to be visible online. While publishing content is just one side of the coin, the other is placement of the content. Where, when and how you publish your content makes all the difference in the world when it comes to content marketing.

One very important aspect of content marketing is consistency. More than 60% of marketers online create at least one piece of content per day. It’s been observed that companies which engage in consistent content creation have 6x conversion rates YOY compared to companies who publish content occasionally. It’s easy to see that higher the rate of content creation, greater is the visibility.

Now let’s talk about placement. Original content, if published at the right time and posted at the right place, can get you a bigger customer base, than any other traditional forms of marketing. Marketers have observed that about 61% of consumer purchase decisions are a result of custom content and that’s a huge number. If done right, your content could catapult you into the big leagues.

Reaching the right people, at the right time

While most marketers find it easy to curate content, they find scheduling the publication of the posts difficult. A company’s content can be successful only when placed correctly.

So, how do you ensure that the content you create hits the right spot? There are various tools and software available online that are designed to help marketers in their content marketing efforts. Here are seven media tools that you could use to simplify your content marketing:

1. ContentDJ

If you need quality content on a regular basis, ContentDJ is the ideal marketing tool to use. Users need to input Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds and hashtags into the tool and ContentDJ will do the rest. From identifying trending topics to scheduling your posts, everything will be automatically handled by the tool.

The tool also helps users identify the best times for uploading their content. As placement is extremely crucial to the success of a marketing content, ContentDJ’s scheduling feature is extremely beneficial. The tool allows users to synchronize the publication of posts on all social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Pinterest, Instagram and more. Users can choose a 14-day trial, after which the cost of annual subscription is $470.

2. DrumUp

With its extensive content library, state-of-the-art RSS feed reader and auto-posting feature, DrumUp is the ideal tool for marketers who don’t want to be bothered by cumbersome content posting procedures.

The tool allows users to post content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. All types of content – blog posts, reviews, case studies, interviews, testimonials, guides and more can be published through the tool. Users can even input the RSS feed of their own blogs and websites and DrumUp will automatically schedule content publication across various social media platforms.

The price of subscription is based on the number of profiles created with the prices placed at $15 per month for 3 profiles, $39 per month for 20 profiles, $79 per month for 50 profiles plus 4 members and $159 per month for 100 profiles plus 9 members.

3. CoSchedule

Do you already have content available, but need help scheduling the posts? Look no further than CoSchedule.This tool allows users to schedule their social media and blog posts with ease. An in-built calendar for WordPress allows users to manage the days, dates and times of scheduled publications. With this information marketers can be better aware and have greater control over their content marketing.

CoSchedule provides users various templates to schedule their content. Re-scheduling of the posts is easy too. The ‘ReQueue’ list offers multiple options for re-scheduling content. A free trial of 14 days is available, after which users need to pay $10 a month per post for subscription to the tool.

4. MeetEdgar

Do you want to ensure that the content you post once isn’t used again? MeetEdgar’s ‘Once use’ option is here to save the day. The tool allows users to automatically upload content onto various social media platforms. Content can be sourced either from the multiple pre-existing libraries on the tool or through RSS feeds uploaded by the user.

Users can also schedule posting of content from their own blogs and websites. The tool is priced at $79 per month for 25 social profiles.

5. Sendible

Marketing dashboards help companies link traffic and engagement metrics to content production metrics. Sendible’s in-built dashboard does that and more. The tool allows users to schedule publication of posts on various social media, including Google Plus and YouTube. Users will be provided with a list of recommended articles which they can schedule as per their requirements. The tool also allows users to create comprehensive content libraries with categories such as ‘Contributors’ and ‘Consumers’, which helps marketers chart who is supplying the content and who is consuming it.

Users can upload RSS feeds into the tool and the in-built ‘SmartQueues’ feature allows users to post different pieces of content simultaneously on various platforms.

Sendible’s prices vary depending on the number of profiles created, with the prices at $49 per month for 6 profiles, $199 per month for 30 profiles and $499 per month for 100 profiles.

6. Curata

Thoughtful annotation of curated content helps marketers carve a unique place for themselves online, while also improving their chances of being found through SEO. Curata allows users to add text and diagrammatic commentary to the content that is being published. The tool also helps users organize their content and publish posts in a targeted manner.

The tool helps users identify and upload content that best suits the brand. Users can easily add and remove content sources, without impacting the publication of the posts. Curata helps users manage the publication of content in a seamless manner.

A free 30-day trial is available, after which users need to pay $667 per month to use the tool.

7. Sprinklr

We already know that placement is everything. Sprinklr’s geo- targeting and geo- limiting features help users publish audience-specific content at the right place and at the right time. The tool has an in-built tagging feature that helps marketers track the effectiveness of their posts. The automatic categorization feature helps users curate content that is suited to different target groups. Prices for Sprinklr are available on request.

Myriad benefits

Content marketing tools don’t just make scheduling of posts easier; they also help marketers publish targeted content. Localization is a very important benefit that these tools offer. Many of these tools are highly graphic, making them perfect for tracking and analyzing content metrics.

Tools which help curate and publish content also help marketers identify purchasing patterns and engagement trends. Companies can use this information to create fresh content and source suitable material for their future posts.

SEO is another area that benefits greatly through content-marketing tools. It’s easy to see whether certain keywords, hashtags, and RSS feeds are still relevant to the current market or not.

Content marketing tools often curate content that is most sought-after and which is relevant to the brand. In fact, marketers can even influence the way content is consumed online through the use of these tools. By publishing posts which audiences favor, marketers can increase their brand visibility. Additionally, by publishing their content on various social media platforms simultaneously, marketers can increase brand awareness, increase their following and to an extent influence customer purchase decisions.