Most sales people don’t need to be convinced about the benefits of social selling as a sales strategy. However, some entrepreneurs aren’t aware of social media at all, or why they should be using it. This is a travesty.

Social media should be an integral part of any successful marketing strategy. There are 7 primary reasons why sales professionals should be more social:

1. Marketing Efforts Cost Next to Nothing

Most B2B sales professionals will go on and on about how cost effective selling is. There is no argument here. Social selling is a low cost means for building a pipeline. However, this isn’t the only reason a business should be more social.

2. Social Media Marketing Levels the Playing Field

Businesses of any size and type can use social social selling. If used effectively, a mom and pop business can reap just as many rewards as a larger company. In some cases, unknown businesses can be launched into Internet fame with an effective social selling campaign.

3. Time Investments are Minimal

Quality matters more than quantity with a social selling campaign. Any business can engage in social selling campaigns without hiring additional staff or IT personnel.

4. Statistics & Data are Trackable

Social selling efforts offer the ability to engage customers and prospects in real time. Any data gleaned, can be tracked in real time. Adjustments can be made quickly if mistakes occur.

5. Social Media Marketing Efforts Inspire Customer Loyalty

Sales professionals confuse loyalty with multiple purchases. Customers can continue buying products until the cows come home; this isn’t loyalty, its necessity. Loyal customers continue to buy a business’s products and will resist the efforts of competitors to draw them away.

6. Get Real with Customers through Social Media

If a business talks about its brand, customers are cynical. When friends talk about brands, customers listen. Word of mouth is still the most effective method of advertising.

7. Inspire Consumer Evangelism through Social Media

Customers will be willing to tell other customers about good products and services if offered an easy and effective means to do so. Therefore, consumers/customers who love products and services can quickly turn into brand evangelists.

Using social selling isn’t hard and the benefits are worthwhile, especially considering that social media marketing offers the easiest method to maintain positive CRM.