Sure, social media is helpful for B2C companies looking to engage and convert consumers, but marketers at B2B companies often wonder if paid advertising on social networks is worth dedicating a budget to. However, as more and more networks begin to push sponsored content over organic, relying simply on your posts to generate interest may mean that they hardly get seen.

45285942_sJust like with any advertising, success with paid ads on social platforms comes down to being in the right place at the right time. Get planning and check out these seven reasons to start advertising your B2B on social media.

Gateway to a Larger Audience

The chief reason for being on social media is that it offers you an instant gateway to a larger audience. Facebook alone has over 1 billion users a month, and LinkedIn – a crucial network for B2B – has over 180 million monthly active users. Plus, social networks allow you to directly connect with industry leaders, which both helps boost your authority and gets you exposure in front of the people who matter.

You Can Target Previously Interested Visitors to Your Site

If someone has visited your site, you know they’re already interested in your products or services. Retargeting them via social media can help you remind those visitors of your company, by using cookies to trigger your ad’s appearance on other websites.

Hone Your Targeting

A major benefit of paid ads is that you can target your audience with greater detail. LinkedIn is one of the main platforms that B2B businesses find success with, and it offers the option of paid Sponsored Updates, which are specifically meant for certain demographics, and can have excellent ROIs. Facebook has also shown to be more successful for B2Bs in recent years, with 34% of customers saying they found their vendors on that platform.

hubspotBoost Short-Term Promotions and Events

Using ads on social media to promote events or sales won’t eat up your budget, and can spur users to take action much faster since the ad is time-sensitive. Plus, on social networks you can create hashtags specific to your content, which makes it easier to share and find.

Turn Customers Into Recommenders

B2B companies typically have a smaller target audience than B2C companies on social platforms, but you can use your customers as sources of referral when they engage and share your content across their own networks. This requires having an active social presence and posting helpful and informative content, but your ads can have a much longer life on social networks since they can ultimately be shared like any other post.


Advertising on social media typically costs far less than through search engines. You’ll still get features like analytics tracking and specific targeting based on your ideal demographics, all for what a fraction of the cost of advertising on other platforms.

Put Your Content to Work

If you generate high quality, informative content, you can promote it through ads. You’ll get it to a targeted audience that you know is interested in what you have to say, extending its reach and maximizing its visibility.