Shampoos must be the most fast moving consumer goods in the hair care category.

In the plethora of shampoos displayed at the stores, these products are always vying for your attention, lest you pick up something else.

Which one can get my hair straighter, stronger or silkier? Can it do more than just wash my hair? Which is my perfect fit?

These questions and the inherent nature of humans to experience the new, has led to an adventurous marketing technique for shampoos and other hair care products.

Given the two-way communication mode of social media, the medium lends itself beautifully to co-creating stories with target consumers. And social media marketers have been harnessing this to promote shampoos, by weaving a unique story around each on social media.

Here we share some creatively carved social media promotions for shampoos that promised to heal your damaged hair, straighten it with a wash or just prevent it from falling or ending in split ends, however, these qualities are just a part of the bigger story.

Key Takeaways: Marketing Strategies for Shampoo Brands

  • Integrated marketing communications ensure a consistent, unified brand message across all channels.
  • Emphasizing a single, coherent message builds brand recognition and consumer trust.
  • Digital and social media platforms enable interactive, co-created narratives with consumers.
  • Creative campaigns like virtual salons and storytelling engage consumers beyond traditional advertising, enhancing brand loyalty and product awareness.
  • Utilizing user-generated content and interactive elements personalizes the consumer experience, encouraging engagement and trust.

1. Sunsilk creates a virtual interactive hair studio on YouTube

Sunsilk was out with its latest range of products under Keratinology that promised salon-style treatment for hair, while sitting in the comforts of your home. For this, Sunsilk created a complete salon on YouTube which was equipped with the best salon style treatment videos and also recommended products for your hair.


Actress Malaika Arora Khan introduces you to the Keratinology range and takes you around the virtual studio. You can enter your name and upload a picture and choose from the various treatments available to get a virtual makeover!

Additionally, there are two more sections: ‘Sunsilk style diaries’ that is an interesting take with the story of Tanu and Jia and the hairstyles they come up with for various occasions, and ’24×7 Expert advice’ that has the brand’s hair experts mete out expert advice.

The trio of interactive design, useful videos and hair care advice formed an innovative story by Sunsilk.

2. Sunsilk sources experimental ideas for straight hair

For the new Sunsilk Perfect Straight, the brand ran a two-phased campaign involving bloggers and the Facebook community with the idea of sourcing crazy hair straightening ideas, before introducing the new product. A few months earlier to the product launch, Sunsilk launched a blogging contest inviting bloggers to share their craziest, wackiest and wildest experimental idea to get perfect straight hair. Simultaneously, a Facebook contest also invited crazy ideas for straight hair, without revealing the new product.


The product was introduced much later as the right solution to all their crazy experiments to maintain straight hair.

Sunsilk ran a blogging contest again where one could avail free samples, try the product and then blog their experiences. Additionally, the YouTube brand channel that featured Tanu and Jia’s stories with hair took a whole new turn. One could interact with them while they both challenged each other at whose hair stayed perfectly straight despite various physical activities like doing the hula-hoop a 100 times to camping and playing football.

The interactive storytelling on YouTube coupled with co-creating straight hair stories with bloggers has helped promote Sunsilk Perfect Straight on social media.

3. The Dove hair fall rescue diary written by real women

Dove, known for its promotional campaigns around every day women, had launched its new hair fall treatment product by having real women sharing their experiences with the product through videos and blog posts, in the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Diary.

Dove_hairfall secret_diaries

The brand created an extensive campaign with real women sharing their hair fall stories and how the new product rescued them. A YouTube channel designed like a diary featured real women from varied backgrounds like fashion bloggers, travel bloggers, make-up artists, among others, sharing their hair fall rescue stories with Dove. It also featured a link to buy the product online.

The channel also led to a Facebook app, again designed like a diary. The Secret Diaries app featured more information about hairfall and the product, apart from being similar to the YouTube channel.

Creating a secret diary to reveal the product as a solution and featuring real women sharing their hair fall rescue secrets are the two pillars supporting this campaign.

4. Beautiful braids’ stories for Dove Split End rescue shampoo

For the new ‘Dove split end rescue shampoo’, the beauty brand launched an exciting blogging contest that asked bloggers to share a story about the beautiful braids they had once upon a time and how they got beautiful ends to their braids once again. The platform also provided samples to try, prior to the contest.


The blogging contest required bloggers to provide a linkback to the Dove Facebook page that had more in store involving ‘split ends’. A Facebook application ‘Never split ever’ was created where one could send friendship postcards to her friends!

All in all, the idea of promoting the shampoo around beautiful braids and friendship forever is what stands out in this campaign.

5. TRESemmé creates a virtual hair salon on YouTube

TRESemmé wanted to emphasize its products through a ‘ramp ready experience’ for its consumers. Like Sunsilk, the brand also launched an interactive salon through its YouTube channel hosted by actress and brand ambassador Diana Penty. The virtual salon features DIY videos that take a step-by-step approach for the featured ramp ready hairstyles.


You can get an access card and an exclusive backstage entry. You can then create your own ramp show by selecting at least 3 hairstyles, learn about the shampoos by selecting your hair type and then actually go through the DIY videos for each of the hairstyles you have chosen.

The YouTube channel was also promoted through a blogging contest, where bloggers could try out the ramp ready hairstyles and blog about their experiences.

The interactive salon, sharing DIY hairstyle tutorials and the blogging contest ensured TRESemmé to associate with ‘ramp ready hair’.

6. Garnier Fructis asks fans to apologise to their hair

For the ‘Goodbye Damage’ range that claims to repair a year of damage in 3 washes, Garnier Fructis embarked on a creative approach on social media. The brand asked fans to ‘apologize’ to their hair for all the damage caused due to the sun, dust and pollution, before eventually introducing them to the new range.

Garnier Fructis_Apologizetoyourhair

The Facebook page shared ‘I am sorry’ updates much to the curiosity of the fans, who were also asked what colour represented ‘making it up’. A few updates later, the new product range was unveiled as a solution.

The engagement was extended by asking fans to upload anything that is orange in colour, so as to keep up with the colour of the new range.

Conversations were extended onto the 140 character social network Twitter too.

With hahstags like #SayGoodbyeTo and #GoodbyeDamage, the brand connected with Twitter users, emphasizing upon saying good bye to the things they did not like and connecting with the repair aspect of the product.

Creative message pushing by getting fans to apologise to their hair and an emphasis on goodbye to damaged hair serves for a good brand recall.

7. L’Oreal Paris India lets you connect with your roots

Based on the philosophy that real strength of people comes from their ‘roots’, L’Oreal Paris India launched the ‘Stay Rooted’ campaign for its new hair fall repair shampoo that works to get you stronger roots.

As part of this initiative, consumers were encouraged to connect with their roots by taking the time out to thank and appreciate the people, things and places that have influenced them in their past.

The brand created a film ‘Go back in time’ with people from different walks of life thanking someone special in their lives.

On Facebook, fans were asked to thank that special someone in their lives and also share a picture with them, giving reasons as to why they want to thank that person who helps them stay rooted. Besides, Twitter users were asked to watch the film and tweet with #MadeMeWhoIAm.

The emphasis on staying rooted and connecting with the roots that have made you, is an innovative way to promote a hair fall repair shampoo.

Innovative Digital Engagement: A Cornerstone for Shampoo Marketing Plan

In the crowded shampoo market, standing out requires more than just claims of stronger, silkier hair—it necessitates a creative and engaging marketing approach that resonates with consumers on a personal level.

The evolution of digital media has opened new horizons for marketers, allowing them to weave intricate stories that connect with their audience, fostering a sense of participation and co-creation that traditional advertising methods cannot achieve.

Embrace Storytelling on Social Media Platforms

The heart of a successful shampoo marketing plan lies in its ability to tell a story that engages consumers.

Sunsilk’s virtual hair studio and Dove’s real women stories exemplify how brands can create immersive experiences that invite consumers to not just observe but interact.

These campaigns leverage the personal, two-way communication nature of social media, allowing brands to co-create stories with their audience, making them feel a part of the brand’s journey.

Incorporate Interactive Digital Experiences

Creating interactive experiences such as virtual salons or DIY hairstyle tutorials, as demonstrated by TRESemmé, invites consumers into a virtual world where they can explore and experiment with products in a fun and engaging way. This interactive approach not only educates consumers about the product but also strengthens the emotional connection with the brand.

Leverage User-Generated Content

Encouraging user-generated content through blogging contests or social media challenges, as seen with Sunsilk and Garnier Fructis, is a powerful tool.

It not only amplifies the brand’s message through real user experiences but also builds trust and authenticity, as potential customers see real results from real people.

Focus on Environmental and Emotional Connections

In today’s eco-conscious market, highlighting environmental considerations and emotional connections can significantly enhance brand appeal. L’Oreal Paris India’s ‘Stay Rooted’ campaign brilliantly illustrates how connecting a product with personal roots and values can elevate the brand’s narrative, making it more relatable and inspiring for the audience.

Utilize Diverse Digital Marketing Channels

A well-rounded digital marketing strategy for shampoo should not limit itself to a single platform or type of content.

Incorporating a mix of videos, interactive apps, social media storytelling, and real-user testimonials across platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can maximize reach and engagement.

Tailoring content to each platform’s strengths and audience preferences ensures that the message not only reaches a wider audience but resonates more deeply.

Continuously Adapt and Innovate

The digital landscape is ever-changing, and so are consumer preferences. Keeping a finger on the pulse of emerging trends and technologies, and being ready to adapt and innovate, is crucial.

This means regularly updating interactive elements, experimenting with new social media features, and always looking for fresh, authentic ways to engage consumers.

Wrapping Up

The above approaches indicate a promotion strategy that does not talk about the product benefits directly, but cleverly emphasizes on the main aspect of the shampoo or the hair care product, by weaving in stories around them.

Brands are not only getting creative but they are also letting their fans be creative in the process of co-creation. Blogger contests, DIY video tutorials, interactive YouTube channels and storytelling have become the norm for social media marketing.

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