The Internet is congested with lies, half-truths and truths. So also, as social media continues to evolve, all kinds of information are being spread.

All these lies and half-truths have slowed down the pace of success for many people. You need to begin to separate the rights from wrongs in order not to be caught in the traffic caused by the indecency of other people.

Some of the lies and half-truths you need to avoid in social media are:Lies

1. Social Media Marketing is Inexpensive or Free-of-Charge

Without a keen eye, this appears true. However, if you carefully observe the successful brands in social media, huge amounts of effort (time, skill, and money) have been spent. Blogs, social networks, social bookmarking services all appear free, but you have to put in a lot of effort, time and money to surpass average performance.

So, do not shy away from marketing your business on social media, but be ready to part with some of your money and time.

2. Social Media Brings Overnight Success

As you probably know already, overnight success is always a myth used to siphon money from impatient people. If you somebody who is currently driving a lot of traffic or making a lot of money through social media. Find out! The person has paid the required price.

3. You must be on All Social Media Channels

Without focus, you are likely going to fail in business. Similarly, on social media you have to streamline your focus. If you intend to be on a number of social networks, it is advisable to focus on one or two and automate the rest.

It is quite alright to create a presence on many social networks, but see them like a funnel where you can divert all conversations to one ‘single’ spot that you are most comfortable using.

4. Social Media is for ‘Under Thirties’

Recent statistics have completely falsified this. Older people have been found to have huge presence on social media generally.

5. Relationships Made on Social Media are Shallow

Social media is not a place where you can’t understand deeply felt desires of your customers. Instead, it offers you first class access to what your prospects and customers really think about you without the pretence that may accompany face-to-face or voice communication.

6. Social Media is a Thief of Monetizable Contents

That is a lie. In the long haul, you will realize that you have gained more from giving away some quality contents. The contents you give away help you build total trust and respect. If you avoid gaining reputation by sharing good contents, you’d have to part with a lot of money to gain the trust of prospects and customers through other means. Secondly, it offers you opportunity to gather data from your followers.

7. Social Media is Overhyped

Talks about the power of social media may be deafening, but to the factual, social media is here to stay. It is fast weaving into our normal lifestyle. If you refuse to join in the evolution, you may be left behind.

So, use blogs, social networks, forums etc to keep in touch with your customers, and steer clear of the lies and half truths that cripple most online efforts.

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